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August 15, 2007


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My Name Is IRL

You sure it's not Champ CARD World Series? I know this poker stuff is pretty popular these days.

David R. Smith

The Champ Car Web site has been a joke for over 2 years.

The prodding it took to get the web master to correct mistakes at CCWS was like kicking a dead horse.

The thanks I got for telling the CCWS web master the links don't work, was to have my access to CCWS web page blocked by the web master. The CCWS web page is now a big orange blob when I open the window to log on. I feel like I have had my hard card ground up, and I am setting in the cheap seats!


Perhaps CART\OWRS\CCWS\Hey, look at us, over here, no really, over here, we've got racecars! is recycling Mr. Miller's hardcard to give to Pressdog! I am sure that more people visit this site than the "league" site.

One hint to the Three Stooges at CART\OWRS\CCWS\Honestly, we'll have a driver line up in 2008 BEFORE the first race!: You'll get better press if you PAY people to write articles for your website. And another little tip, boys: When Gordon Kirby, the most "Rah Rah, this is the GREATEST RACING SERIES IN THE WORLD can I have some more Kool Aid Mr. Kalkhoven?" turns against you, stick a fork in it, it's over.

Pressdog, if Kevin does offer you a hardcard, ask for cash up front.

gary patrick

When "The Split" happened I was an ardent CART supporter for years. But the series has really come to suck. Too many craptacular street circuits, a rediculous schedule with holes a mile wide and international venues of no significance, silly techinical follies (power-to-pass, a mandtory "option" tire that's both slower and quicker-wearing than the prime tire), and a cast of drivers who are unknown or unlikeable. Despite my general indifference to the idea of oval racing I now find myself much more interested in the IRL. At least they have a bit of "star power" and some honest-to-god on-track passing. Adding Mid-Ohio to the schedule was a clincher; I'm now a fan.

If Champ Car has lost me, they've lost the war. They might as well change their name to "Chump Car"

Steve Barnes

I represent a couple of folks who are (were) considering starting a team in the ChampCar Atlantic series ... here's what I have discovered so far ...

* Try finding the Atlantic Series web pages from the CCWS home page ... impossible ... and when you look at the Atlantic series TV schedule page it is MONTHS out of date.

* I have sent repeated emails to ChampCar asking for information about Atlantic ... I've been trying for over a week ... so far ... ZERO response.

I've been going to CART/CCWS races since the 1980's (Laguna Seca - Long Beach - Vancouver - Phoenix) and was a strong supporter of CART/CCWS ... I'm about to put a fork in them too. This is RIDICULOUS that emails asking about bringing a new team to the Atlantic series are TOTALLY ignored.

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