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August 31, 2009


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H. B. Donnelly

I believe Briscoe does have an on-camera squeeze...problem is she's on-camera at NASCAR races. He's engaged to ESPN pit hotty Nicole Manske (formerly of Channel 13 in Indy, the IMS Radio Network, and SPEED Channel).

Davis Brewer

Pressdog I will be at IMS for the grand Am test this thursday. I will send you a report, maybe some photos. I enjoy the blog..

Roy Hobbbson

That was a good time, Bill. And for the record, if you didn't speak with Brooke, that'd be the ONLY girl you didn't speak with.

Understand, everybody, that few ladies resisted the chance to speak with the infamous pressdog. And we didn't mind one bit. At least they were now coming over to our table, which they certainly weren't beforehand.

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