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August 28, 2009


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Allen Wedge

So you're reading the Pressdog blog eh? I see where you get all your good info from.



Tom M.

How long do you wait to decide on eating it or see how long it will last before it goes bad?


Ask the Chipster if he can freeze it in carbonite just like he did to Han Solo...Gotta stay with the Star Wars theme! Seriously, gotta be cool to get something like that. Congrats.


I was all set to be really jealous if that came from mega-babe Pat Caporali, but a guy giving you his banana, not so much :)


Banan-o-grams are for reading, then eating.

It's that simple.

Handed out four Banan-o-grams this weekend to some very deserving recipients.

Already looking forward to my next deliveries in Homestead.

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