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October 07, 2009


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COME ON!!! So much for the Sexier Drivers billboard. #epichotchickdenial


WOW! A little while back, George at Oilpressure had a post saying Team 3G should pack it up since they were "an embarassment". I thought that was harsh, and then I read: "Team 3G had to spend much of their day at Homestead Miami getting the car ready to run, leaving too little track time during the one-day test to complete all of the required laps. Additionally, it was found that the car had a broken right rear shock absorber during the test which obviously limited the car’s performance and on track time."

So it sounds like the team was struggling to hit the setup all day, and then finds out the shock is one of the issues, and can't replace it.

I used to laugh at Dale Coyne "back inna day", but even Dale Coyne never sunk to this level, oil spewing Chevy stock block powered Indy Car notwithstanding.

"“We take full responsibility for the car not being prepared at the test” said Team 3G co-owner Greg Beck. “Understandably, Leilani is very disappointed and we will now turn our attention to providing Leilani with a winning car for next season”."

That and $4 will get you a coffee at Starbucks, Greg. Oh sorry, if you can't afford a shock, you can't afford Starbucks either.

Leigh O'Gorman

That's absolutely... erm... shocking



The Speedgeek

That is, indeed, a *&^%(@! embarassment. For an allegedly professional team to show up at a test with a car that's not ready to run on track (after it's been sitting in a corner of the shop for most of the season, IIRC), and then to be knocked out completely by a single broken part (and not the type of "a part broke, sent us into the wall and then we broke several hundred other parts" sort of broken part)... Dude. When I crewed on an SCCA Formula Ford, as literally the only crew member and when I also had no idea what I was doing most of the time, nothing that catastrophic ever happened. That is up there in the lameness pantheon.


It's just f-bomb bullshit and I've already f-bombed around pressdog world headquarters for multiple minutes about it. F-bomb. A broken shock. What the F-bomb? Welcome to Innotech racing (Office Space reference!). Yeeeeeeeah, tell ya what, we're going to go ahead and not have the car ready to go.

Leigh O'Gorman

You F-Bomb all you want. Digging the Office Space ref's

My Name Is IRL

The Umlaut spends two years trying to get a ride - ANY RIDE - and her shot is is ruined by such epic ineptitude. What a disgrace.

I try to give all teams the benefit of the doubt inasmuch as they are all attempting to do their best, but...well, even I'm starting to think George as Oilpressure was right in his characterization of Team 3G.

I'm guessing there's plastic of some sort in the shock, and we know there's oil. Either way The Militant Environmentalist probably demanded the team not have a negative impact on the environment and therefore had only one shock.


Does 3G = F**KING Wankers?? Perhaps just 3 Gomers???

Seriously, this is big time racing guys. it not a movie or a place to pretend you are an actual race team. 3G's ICS team is a joke. They linked up with Kester Racing in Star Mazda & they suspended their season due to $$$ issues. Now add a non starting Lights effort.

To plug the sponsor ... too bad 3G couldn't EXTENZE themselves with the basic back-ups needed... LIKE F-ING SHOCKS!!! Boo!!! :( :(


Ummm...couldn't they borrow one? I mean, drag racers loan each other $150,000 motors. Sometimes entire cars. I am pretty sure someone could have come up with a shock they could borrow or purchase. That doesn't sound right to me...


Unbelievable! As referenced above, 3G's lack of preparation is complete Bush League. What an embarrassment, not to Leilani, but to the team and the ICS. I feel badly for her.

Brian McKay

I had thought what sciguy did: 'Couldn't they borrow a damper?" Geez! How ya gonna get sponsorship if you're not even repared to qualify? Borrow a part, qualify, race, drive on... Obviously not serious about the sport or the business. Compare 3 Gomers to SCCA nationals teams' efforts. Leilani oughta seek another team immediately.

Roy Hobbson

Every silver lining's got a touch of grey, I'm told. But this is fucked up.


Leilani: Did you really want to drive @180+ with this team prepping your car? ?? Perhaps things happen for a reason???

Good luck finding a real team!

Leigh O'Gorman

What Jeff-O said

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