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December 08, 2009


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redd carr

We Indy fans do have to realize that we're second (or third or fourth) racing fiddle in the eye of the national sports media and casual sports fans.

As for DP, it could have been much worse. Daniker will do both, at least for two years, so I'm good with that. I was more disappointed that Munter is going to go test for Nascar. I'd like to see Indy develop and/or promote other suitable females--diSilvestro, Mann, Beatriz, Munter and Fisher before N-car takes them all. Danica is marketable, but she's not the only fish in the pond.


She'll rub those dumbasses the wrong way before the season is half over. There's a reason the guys at AGR call her a "Little Ball of Hate".


I'm bummed that Leilani can't work out a ride in Lights as well. But it's a pretty straight ride buy situation in Lights, and try as she might Leilani can't find a sugardaddy sponsor. So, if your a driver, you go where the jobs are. They are all in fenderworld, unfortunately. I'm rooting for Leilani at all times.


Love how ESPN was all proper, calling out the NAPCAR Nationwide Series as Danica's 2nd job but referring her main job as the generic "IRL" (as opposed to its new official name: the IZOD Indycar Series)

Guess redd is right... this speaks to the level of respect(or the lack of...) the national media gives Indycar & its drivers! :( :(


What I'd love to know is how much JR Motorsport (or Go-Daddy) will have to pay Andretti Autosport in the event Daniker gets hurt in NASCAR and can't fulfill her contract to drive in the IZOD Indycar Series - especially for the 500. There has to be a financial contingency for that eventuality. It isn't unrealistic to think she just might get hurt, particularly when her first real NASCAR race is planned for Daytona. It's going to be verrryyy interesting, as Arte Johnson used to say.


I can't help but think this has nothing to do with Danica racing and everything to do with promoting her "brand". My guess is as long as she is selling T-shirts, running in the back wont be so bad. Now if she were running a sprint car at the dirt mile at Duquoin, that would get my attention. nascar, not so much.


but, if you run at the back, how long will the T-shirt sales last? Junior keeps his popularity, partly because he used to run up front, so there's hope. If your like Sam Hornish, and there's no hope, will anyone care about you?

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