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March 04, 2010


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No controvery about the ridebuyer label this time - it's undeniably deserved.

Poor Dale - from Justin Wilson to Milka, in just one year. Better than bankruptcy, I suppose.


I nearly lost it after reading your headline! My mind had Milka as the Boy Scouts of America driver before I could click on "Continue reading...". I'm OK now after reading that the #19 BSA car driver will be announced later. Pdog you really yanked my chain!

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a xenophobe, and I think Milka is a truly nice person. She seems to always have time for fans. It's just that this was not the announcement I was expecting.

It's great that Dale will have two cars full time!

The Speedgeek

The emperor talk elicited an actual LOL here. Nice work.

I'm mostly disappointed that it sounds like we're going to miss out on the hilarity of her driving the Boy Scouts car. Oh, the jokes we could make. There'll still be Milka jokes, I'm sure, but they'd be so much funnier with the extra layer of young and teenaged-boys being involved. Better luck in 2011, I guess.

Leigh O'Gorman

Any word JR Hildebrand for a part-seat with DC?

My first and ONLY time I'm glad Versus isn't on DirecTV > The moving chicane lives on. Bless her for at least bringing back Oil Cartel money to help IndyCar keep on keepin' on. You'd think with all those degrees and languages she'd be off saving the world instead of driving ovals and twisties.

hey (it dropped my snark comment after DTV???) I had it surrounded by << so maybe that's it.


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