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August 23, 2010


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Myabe I'll see you in Joliet, dog!

Roy Hobbson

Tasty Notes Bill. Agreed. Race surprisingly not bad. Playboy "uproar" boring & predictable. Ferris wheel looked fun and Sato needs a mic in his car like that dude had in the 2-seater the end.

That's all I have. The Chat last night ruined my central nervous system to some degree. I have left-sided facial droop & the shakes. Very not good. Must regroup goodbye.

Chad Paff

1. It was (surprise) Viso who punted Simona. The radio crew was all over it and the TV crew missed it (as usual).

2. Sato and Danica were actually 10th and 11th when they took each other out.

Tom G.

Great notes P-dog. Not the greatest race, but plenty of craziness back in the pack. I think the lack of opportunities to pass made the kids get a little desperate at times.

Not their best work to be sure, but folks seem to be jumping all over Versus today.


Dull race, Infineyawn lived up to it's nickname. The SMI owned Charlotte Motor Speedway has nice sponsor suites, and I think it's like that at Vegas too, maybe run there instead, or do more at Long Beach for the sponsors...

Compare with the ALMS race, in one, Red Cars all finish up front, in the other, a team that's never won a race before pits late and charges up, making a last lap pass and beating teams running a fuel miliage stratagey...


Could we talk more about the start? And every freakin' ugly restart? I can put up with pit strategy, fuel saving, ganassi-penske domination, guys wreckin' both my girls, heart rates, arute weights and no-passing lanes--just give me a normal-- everyone lined up in rows of two and actually accelerating at the green flag-- start. That's all I want.

Nice job again on the notes, Pressdog.

Jim Bob

The starts are restarts are pure amatuer hour.

How hard is it to properly start a race? The country bumpkins in USAC, WoO and short tracks all over the country seem to be able to do it. Why can't the supposed "top rung" of talent in Indy Cars do it?

If some are so concerned about wrecking on starts/restarts (which they seem to do half the time anyway) then maybe we have the wrong drivers in these cars (which we do in many cases).


Absolute Proof that Ganassi, Dixon, and Franchitti have no Imagination.....

Ganassi at the end of the race ' Scott, this is Chip, you know what you have to do. '

What kind of lame instructions was that?????

Me, first as Chip, then as Scott Dixon.


Scott: Yes?

Me: OK, first thing. As soon as the green flag drops, wave to all the guys in Weldon's pit, we need to let them know that taking the green flag is a prerequsite, not an option; then I want you to get right beside Will Power for as long as you can so we can get a blocking penalty and if that doesn't work just bump him off the track like he's an Andretti.

Now, me as Dixon.

Chip: Scott, this is Chip; you know what you need to do.

Me: No boss, I don't. What to I need to do?
Should I block for Castroneves so he can duke it out with Power?????

Franchitti (in Scottish accent) Aye Captain, we giving er all we got, Warp factor 6 Mr. Sulu.


Fun read and I really like the Cameron Haven link (how did you find this)!

I was able to use a few of your "Tweets" in the play by play post I did as LA Motor Culture Examiner - Thanks for the input.

I'm in Los Angeles for the Chicagoland race #14 but look forward to any fallout from your Tweet-Up.


did anybody else notice that Dario seemed a bit peeved afterwards? Like perhaps there were team orders that he didn't agree with?

The Speedgeek

I think the idea must have been that if Power won (50 points) and Dario finished 2nd (40 points), then Dario would lose 10 points to Will, but if Dixon managed to catch and pass Will (a huge, huge "if"), then Dario would only lose 5 points to Will (it's 35 points for 2nd). That's weird thinking, given the "hard to pass" nature of Sears Point, but it's the only reasoning I can think of for Dixon to be allowed by by Dario and the team. Given that it was a move that didn't work out and Dario then wound up losing 15 points to Power, I can understand his being ticked off.


That was my point about the blocking penalty. Under the [rule?] your allowed 1/2 of the track width; this can work to the passers advantage on narrow tracks.


Good call, Tylerbduke. I thought Dario seemed a little pissed after. Wrote it off to Dario being pissed with anything less than P1. BUT, you may be onto something with the whole team orders thing.

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