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January 12, 2011


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You must renew Lindy's contract. The reasons should be obvious.

Mike Hare

Look, again at Lindy's interviews, her rapport with the drivers, owners and crews, her presence on Facebook and Twitter and the buzz and interest that brings to INDYCAR and it should be pretty obvious that Lindy is one of the best things that they have...#renewLindy


While I pointed out many of Lindy's wonderful qualities in my email to Versus, I also pointed out the obvious fact that she is much better looking than Jack Arute (whom I still love btw).


Unlike the overwhelming majority of pit reporters of the female persuasion (or male persuasion, for that matter...), Lindy has actual journalistic chops (i.e. no asking questions with painfully obvious answers) and doesn't come across as someone who spouts whatever her producers and fact-checkers pipe into her headset.

Oh, and being incredibly cute doesn't hurt either.

Please sign her up, ComNBC!


Like Mike pointed out above, she's got the social media aspect down.

I haven't come across a single fan that doesn't enjoy what she brings to the broadcast.

She's a Hoosier and a former 500 princess. She gets it.

She's not about banging racecar drivers.


Nathan Eagan

Bring back Lindy! I think she has a great on screen presence, and has done an excellent job with both interviews and relaying general Indycar information. She seems to have a real passion for the sport as well that also helps to draw people in.

jonathan fradkin

Bring back Lindy!
I hate to be redundant or repetitive as the folks above have already covered most of my points but I will do it anyway.
She is pleasant to watch on screen and not just physically. She has good rapport during interviews and seems prepared and knowledgeable on the topics she covers. If she is not sure of something she is smart enough to either ask, comment with caveat, or not comment at all. She doesn't pretend to know more than she does. re. social media, she seems very current and active but I am not so I can't really comment with competence.


Lot's of interesting announcements from a sport that "wants to listen to the fans". 2 wide restart, 2012 car, blah blah blah. Lindycar locked at Indycar should be at the top of the list. If you want someone that can connect with fans, this is an absolute no-brainer. Announce it yesterday.


Lindy is articulate on the broadcasts and with the drivers. More importantly, she very quickly became one of us, ie: she is an Indycar girl. It would be a great mistake to replace her. I, for one, hope that she is back for quite some time on the broadcasts.

I'm confused.

Tell me why *any* sport would not want a television personality that:

* Is professional
* Truly into the sport, not just doing a job
* Has been embraced and welcomed by a very fan-driven audience
* Interacts with those fans because ... she's a fan too

And add all of MarcBever's points as well.

Do this:
1. Watch the Indy 500 coverage that ABC does
2. Watch any Versus coverage

It's immensely different. How often do you hear about fans that attend an event to see their favorite drivers AND the TV personalities? I haven't heard anyone say, "After we go the Andretti pit, let's go find Marty Reid." Even if they did, he wouldn't be accessible. I went to three races this past season and Lindy and Robbie always made themselves accessible. Even during a hectic race when they're working, they always made time for the fans.

Stop contemplating their contracts and just do the right thing. Sign them to multi-year deals.


She definitely needs to be part of the broadcasting team. To whatever powers that be might read this, I am a hardcore Indy fan, and have seen some of the best and worst in broadcasting over the years. Lindy is knowledgeable, friendly, has a great rapport and following with the fans, and has become a part of the lives of those who follow IndyCar.

If you care about quality IndyCar coverage, you'll make sure Lindy Thackston has a place in 2011 and beyond.


I can't possibly describe what LindyCar means to the broadcasts and the series better than Terry Blanchard did above. Who else would stay up all night on a live chat with the fans for a race in Japan on her off weekend? If anything, there should be more Lindy, get her out of the Sky Lair and interacting more with drivers and fans.

Tormenting Hobbson should be reason enough to keep her around.


Lindy is great and I wish her the best of luck.

glenn harm

One more vote for Lindy returning! ...also a fan of Jack Arute and Bob Jenkins!

Travis R

For shit's sake, Versus, if you need to make cuts, get rid of Arute and his cheese grater so you can keep LINDYCAR.

Phil Leshioh

Lindy do the right thing and run away! Get as far away from the stench of epic failure that is the irl. Please gp back to sportscar and get away from this awful gomer ruined racing series,


How is Lindy not the first person signed on for the broadcast? Come on Versus! Do the right thing here make sure "Lindycar" is part of the team for the 2011 season and beyond.

Megan K. Bickel

Lindy is a total treasure of broadcasting. In fact, when we must *endure* ABC's broadcasting, I always miss Lindy. She is intelligent, well-spoken, enthusiastic, cheerful, and obviously does her homework before broadcasts. She has also made a great connection with the INDYCAR (look, all caps!) fan base. She is available and engages with us. Please don't let her go. It would be a terrible loss for Versus and for the fans at large too.

Tom G.

Lindy is the best thing to happen to Indycar since the Gurney flap!

OK, that's not strong enough.

Lindy is the best thing to happen to Indycar since Louis Meyer drank Milk after winning the 500!

There. I said it. Now do your part Indycar. You can't spell INDYCAR without Lindy!

Well, technically you can, but just trust me on this one. Whether the races are on Versus, or NBC, Lindy's raises the quality of the telecast and brings in fans! She's intelligent, professional, and perhaps the only pit reporter capable of driving to Tijuana at 3 am on a Saturday night to drag Arute out of the arms of a tijuana whore and sober him up in time for the telecast. And friends, can you really put a price on that?


It'd be foolish not to keep Lindy on the broadcasts.

racing games

tup i agree with billythesink


Rarely do you find a reporter who has both looks and knowledge of the sport they are reporting on. It is inconceivable to me that Indycar events on NBC Sports could be broadcast without Lindy. Indycar is promoting a product that appeals to younger cooler viewers and a reporter needed to send that message out is Lindy. She is part of what makes the NBC Sports broadcast team head and shoulders above ABC.


Bring back Lindy. Why? Because she knows Indycar racing, has an excellent voice, and is extremely likeable on camera. The main reason is she is SMART! She knows what she's talking about and is by far my favorite pit reporter.



Lindy Thackston not only brings creditability and passion to the Indycar Series but also adds variety and favor to the telecast. Having a bunch of knowledgeable men talking about Indycar is fine but as a man a change of scenery is often needed or wanted. Lindy is an Indy girl from her early years of reporting and it'll be difficult not to have her there reporting. Please resign her!

Yang from Milwaukee


I cant defend her. I am sure she is a nice person but to me, she was a horrible reporter. Her voice was monotone, she showed no excitement or true passion for the sport. You can tell she knew nothing about Indycar except for what was written in front of her on a cue card. I for one, am glad she will not be there. Bring in someone who KNOWS the sport and shows some enthusiasm!


Jumping in to a professional wake for someone with a "better off without her" is classy, Chad.


I guess we can agree to disagree but thats the way I feel and Im not alone on that. Sometimes the truth hurts and there are always two sides to a story, even though a lot of media only wants to report one side.

I just know someone could do a much better job reporting.


My point is this is not the venue ... and you're getting your wish re: Lindy replacement, so why pile on?

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