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March 14, 2011


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Gary Toepfer

As much as we want to see them, you just can't do it. The field has to be even.


I'm okay with the series helping drivers and teams in certain scenario's. MotoGP does it a lot, and they have one of the strongest fields in racing. They also have one of the smallest (17 bikes)... which is part of the reason they do help riders/teams. And with the Red Cars being so dominate I see nothing wrong with the series quietly helping a couple teams catch them. Newman Haas and KV were incredibly strong in 08 and had they just been given some financial help in 09 maybe they'd have finally taken down the Red cars. My personal opinion is that the series should only fund teams that have a funded car already and have some potential for competitiveness... which means HVM and Panther... both have what appears to be a well funded car driven by a driver who would benefit greatly from a veteran (TK, Wheldon, Tracy) driver. It's not fair... but neither is ride buying... so, this basically evens it out. And when a racing series has a TV deal that's giving them .3 ratings getting sponsors is hard... to say the least, and they already do TEAM money anyways... so this is just taking it a step further.


the series should not be in the bidness of funding drivers.

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