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June 26, 2011


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Megan Martin

I love your take on the race. I'm a happy Marco fan for sure. I'm watching the race again. Currently lap 150 and I've lost count how many times they said "momentum." That's definitely a great drinking game.


Iowa made Indycar look good. Great race. I can't believe I'm happy for Marco, but I am.

Leigh O'Gorman

Ace race - easily one of the best of the season so far.
Felt bad for Taku - I thought he might be on for a top three, but alas...

Great job by both Marco and TK. They sure as hell made it entertaining. Kudos too to Dixon and Hildebrand.

H.B. Donnelly

'Dog, between all your talk of grilled pork chops, corn and beer and watching the race itself, I'm thinking I may find my way to Newton next year. If 2012 is half as good as 2011, it'll still be the second-best event of the season (behind Indy, naturally)



You want to know how good this race was? The Fabulous Mrs. mmack said "We should think about going to Iowa next year. We could leave Saturday morning . . . . " THAT'S how good the Iowa race this year: She's considering going to that crazy machine shop bar you mentioned that's right by the train tracks and serves 1/2 price shots when a train rolls past AND attend the race to boot.

EASILY the best race of the year, better even than Indianapolis where just about anyone could have won and the crazy last turn crash. Plenty of pucker inducing close racing with lots of passing (AND passing for the lead! Imagine that!) and an exciting fight to the finish among non-Penske and TCGR teams.

And Dario didn't whine post race, so you have that.

As the Mrs. commented: "And what road course has THAT kind of excitement?"

Good show all around.


Redcar - ditto.
HB Donnelly - double ditto.

Ioway, prepare for serious Hoosier influx next June. Mouth is watering just thinking of the pork chops (not that damned porker of a chassis, either) and cold malted beverages...


In a wonderful twist of fate, surfing channels after the post-race, I noted that Stripes was playing on Showtime. It was great to watch and bask in the "BLOWN UP SIR" line to celebrate the destruction of the Death Star, even if only until a Power-Franchitti front row happens in 2 weeks in Toronto.


Man, what a race, and it was great to see the crowd. Other than the inaugural race at Iowa (when it was ~38 degrees and misting), the racing has been consistently good. I'm starting to feel like Iowa is becoming what Texas was in the IRL years - the race outside of Indy that has a great crowd and great racing, and makes IndyCar look big time. It would be great to go there twice a year, but I see two problems. The window of great weather is much tighter than it would be in Texas or Phoenix, so the races would have to run pretty close together. And now that Iowa has Nationwide (and maybe Trucks?), IndyCar is lucky the track still supports one date so enthusiastically. I would rather have one awesome visit per year than two OK visits. But man, if they could add a second successful race there, maybe in September, that would ROCK.


Great recap (as always) of your home race, and what a race it was. Random, disjointed comments: Are you sure Nebraska doesn’t produce more corn than Iowa? It’s bigger than Iowa, and I’ve seen other stuff besides corn in Iowa (like buildings, animals, people, etc.), whereas that is not the case with Nebraska. Versus coverage is SOOOO much better than ABC/ESPN, it’s just silly. Minor complaint: I do wish they would have interviewed the “non-star” drivers who crashed instead of just the big names. At one point there was a great TV shot of two Rebel cars side-by-side directly behind the leader Franchitti who was centered in front of them, and it was actually eerie how much it looked like two X-wings chasing a TIE fighter down the trench of the Death Star. Concussions are not funny, but Will Power’s loopy post-crash interview was. They might have released him from the infield care center a little too soon. I suspect he doesn't remember anything from that interview. Contrails – seems Iowa always has those, and I’ve always wondered if they're visible in person or just on TV. I did not notice them in Milwaukee and was surprised to see them on the TV broadcast, though they weren’t as intense as in Iowa. Very cool. I’m not a huge Marco fan, but happy when any non-Empire driver wins. All in all, best race of the year by far, and it just looked like a fantastic scene there. Looks like Iowa did everything right that Milwaukee did not. Wish I could have gone. Next year, for sure.

Jack The Root

"Looks like Iowa did everything right that Milwaukee did not."

You mean got a few sponsors to help pay the freight for the race?

Lets remember that more then a few folks in attendance at Iowa were there because Iowa Corn Growers gave them the tickets.

Nothing wrong with that.

Milwaukee couldn't do that (like they have in the past) because they didn't have a sponsor.

Don't piss on Milwaukee. If it didn't cost so damn much to put on one of these Indy Car Races (TOO much, in my opinion) then more people could afford to go and tracks could actually afford to promote the product.

Ron Ford

What Jack the Root said. Maybe it is the IndyCar business model that needs tweaking.

Milwaukee or no Milwaukee, I plan to go to Iowa for the first time next year for some more good racin', pork chops, and that other stuff that Corndog keeps yakkin' about.


I don't support comparing Iowa to Milwaukee either. Different tracks, different markets, aMilwaukee is a one off and Iowa has a full schedule, etc. etc. It is a misperception that attendance is all about promotion. I saw relatively little promotion here because the tickets sell without it. As I' ve said, the product is stunning here and that is huge. "Promotion" is just one part of the equasion. Milwaukee also has some location challenges.


I sorta have a suspicion that RBernard is already--with the races in Vegas, Milwaukee, the possible return to Chicago and the Battle of PHX--"tweaking the business model."

Iowa just shows what Milwaukee could be.

As far as two races--I'd be concerned that might be stretching the audience too thin. But it might be fun to compare the track differences between a "night summer race" with a "fall day race."

The Speedgeek

"It’s bigger than Iowa, and I’ve seen other stuff besides corn in Iowa, whereas that is not the case with Nebraska."

Oh, that's it. You and me are gonna fight, Jack. Outside! I know a place just down the street from my house that's perfect for a rumble. It's right next, the corn field (seriously, the 'burbs turn into corn four blocks from my house). Hmm. I think I may have proved your point. Argument retracted.

Great weekend, and I can not speak highly enough of Iowa Speedway, the racing held there (the Lights race that 'Dog and I watched together was EPIC, maybe as much as the Big Car race was), the food (various items mingle in my Track Food Pantheon with most of Road America's menu and Indy's tenderloins), and the surrounding area (big ups to the delicious food at the Machine Shed...though I wish I could say as much for the service, which was terrible, for whatever reason). Really, everybody reading this right now has literally no excuse to miss Iowa next year. You've got 12 months. Clear your schedule, save your pennies, make it a priority. Do it.

Good times (and good recap), 'Dog, and my only regret is that I've gotta wait 51 more weeks until next year's race.


I wasn't pissing on Milwaukee. I apologize if I gave that impression. It's my home track, and I've said since the Milwaukee race that despite a few issues and promotional miscues, I thought the event itself was was pretty excellent. In fact it wasn't until I read all the bitching about it afterward that I realized that, apparently, the entire weekend sucked. Imagine my surprise. Compared to all the complaining I've read about it, I've been downright complimentary.

All I'm saying here is generally speaking, the things that did go wrong at Milwaukee -- and what those things are specifically is certainly open to interpretation, but let's just say for example, the most visible issue, the small crowd -- was not a problem in Iowa. Watching on TV, I got the impression that the Iowa race was a Major Event. I did not get the same impression watching Milwaukee on TV.

Regarding the comparison of the two, while obviously there are major differences, there are also enough similarities -- similar tracks, similar capacity venue, same part of the country, races one week apart -- that I think comparisons can be made just for the sake of discussion.


I'm not saying the Geek and I held each other in terror during the Lights race, but we had a few moments. Better just leave it at that.

Br!an McKay

70 laps of NO RACING in a 250-lap race. Way to go, IndyCar.
I hope that 2/3 of the audience in Newton and 2/3 of the home audience e-mail the track owner and/or IndyCar to ask that the track's bumps be ground-down so that they can't cause cars to be trashed, drivers to get cranial concussions, and NO RACING for 28% of the laps.

Marty J in Des moines

I was at the race in person, watched it again Sunday night on my DVR, and will watch it again tonight with the Deluxe Notes Taken During The 2011 IndyCar Race in Iowa firmly in hand... viewing enhanced as much as by any of the TV guys... nice job, P-Dog... but that was a Coors next to the chop in your photo, not a Leinie...


The Coors was the Beer of the Lunch. Not to be confused with the Beer of the Race or the Beer of the DVR Viewing or the Beer of the Replay.

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