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July 04, 2011


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Shane Rogers

I read this. And I was so enthralled I inhaled extra deeply, and took a larger than usual sip from my tea. :)

I hope the perceived need to be "media friendly" doesn't change his personality. Just as Helio is fun-tastic, and that's great, Conway's contrasting character has the same appeal at the other end of the scale.

I'm seeing an Indy Downforce ad where Helio is trying to teach him to show some emotion by showing him how to approach Charles when you've been black flagged for blocking. Then Conway has a go, blankly staring at Charles, before Charles walks away traumatized claiming he's been "freaked out" by Conway.

Ron Ford

Great idea Shane. Have you ever considered comedy sketch writing?


Man, what a great article. Well done.


Thanks, Zachary. LOVE the commercial idea, Shane. TWO larger-than-usual sips of tea for that.

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