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September 20, 2011


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Tom G.

Did you get to touch it?

Is it true that it can heal the sick?



Thanks for the photos...looks good!


Let me just say, Tom, that before I touched it I was nearsighted, and now I have 20/20, lost 45 pounds and can run triathlons. There were also encampments of diseased people outside the gates just trying to touch my garments after I touched the car.


great job, dog, best photos yet. It's really growing on me, I want to hear the different engines and see some different paint jobs.

but I have a question for the more observant--it looks the same (to me) as the road course version. at the "premiere" at Indy they showed two versions, but this chassis looks just like the photos from Mid-Ohio to me. what's the difference?

Chris Lukens

Why is it that every time I look at the rear end of this car I am reminded of that Sir-Mix-a-Lot song; “Baby Got Back”?


Yeah...the oval version was supposed to have a itty-bitty front wing in comparison to the road course config...maybe that's the "superspeedway" config?



Yes, the "superspeedway" config for IndyCars has always had smaller front/rear wings and the short-oval config has always been the road-course config because of the higher downforce needed

Br!an McKay

I am so glad that you went! Fantastic for you -- and good for us to see the photos. I was very surprised to see the giant, fierce-looking, multi-element front wing assemblies on a speedway car ...

The Speedgeek

What Nathan said up there (that the Iowa wing setup is closer to the road course config than the superspeedway one). Also, I have a feeling that there's only one actual, working test mule right this second, and that's the one that's doing all of the testing at all of the venues, whether road course, short oval or superspeedway. The name of the game right now is making sure that nothing crazy goes wrong (like, bodywork collapsing in on itself, wings folding up at half-speed, plumbing spewing their contents all over the track, the engine having what those in the business call a "thermal event", etc.). The actual testing where they go for lap times and run the thing at 10/10ths happens in a month or two.


Speedgeek .. NAILED IT. Relatively early days on the testing schedule. You'll see them get the wings WAY back later. For now, step-by-step. Danno made that pretty clear.


Well, P-Dog, I definitely think you chose the best angle for the car with the picture attached to this post. The less seen of the rear-end business the better.

Then again, I've gotten used to the narrow rear wings in F1 so maybe I'll get used to this too.

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