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November 09, 2011


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The Speedgeek

Wow. Are people really doing all of that stuff, with the constant moping around Twitter? If so, that makes me pretty happy that I only stop by Twitter for about 15 total minutes every week.

Roy Hobbson

You've done the Lord's work here this night - assuming the Lord is a pragmatic, straight-shooting Realist who doesn't give a shit, which I believe He is.

Marc Bever



Pressdog don't give a..., Pressdog just writes whatever he wants.

This week in HoneyBadgerBlogging has been brought you by...
The abysmal Indycar off-season, annnd
the letter F.


PS, love the new trophy! "Borg-Wanker"... delicious.

Leigh O'Gorman

Like Speedgeek, I must have missed it. In saying that, I've actually unfollowed many of the "moaners" a good while back.

Like is far, far, far too short constant boo-hooing.

How about...
*the car count for 2012 is looking decent,
*there's a GP on this weekend, as well as the final round of the WRC and the penultimate round of the Sprint Cup.
*the WEC is shaping up for next year.

We could spend eternity mourning Dan Wheldon, but what would it achieve?

And yes Bill, we all live in a very 1st world, surrounded by tragedy that far escapes our imagination.

As for me and my life at the minute, I'm happy enough.


yes, persepective is everything. Is the state of "indycar nation" where I would like for it to be? No, not really. Do I lose sleep over it. Not a bit. So, the mainsteam media is harshing on Indy Car? Didn't know that, and quite frankly, I could give a rats ass.


Wow, brilliant riff Bill, thourghly enjoyed your stream of consciousness posting; the second read was even better then the first.

Your comments about the content found on Twitter are kinda why I've been fraidy scared of opening that door.

Well done!


Sorry for the grand mal screeching, but ... It's more than the bitching about heinous slow lines at Starbucks is the rampant wallowing in self pity re: open-wheel racing from some people I follow. Also people generally looking for any opportunity to hate on someone. Gets very old. I'm just trying to say "Snap out of it, man."


Oh and the Borg Wanker is brilliant, but not my work. A friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous made it.


China, bitches!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


To borrow from Sam Axe, a lot of Indycar drivers, team owners, media, and fans are "a bunch of bitchy little girls." And it's not just the whining, it's the condescending I-know-better-than-you and I-told-you-so way they bitch. CART may have invented snark back in the 80's (or earlier, that's as far back as I go) and that's when the sport was on top! It's one of the reasons I started following NASCAR instead in the early 90's.

Much like today's political environment, Indycar needs to find a middle ground between constant bitching and the "our sport" B.S. of NASCAR, otherwise TV ratings may remain at the same level as Congress' approval.

And with that, I'm done bitching (-:


You hit it exactly, Mark. #nailedit. On both the Festival of Condescension and the bipolar comments. It's either Pollyanna "EVERYTHING IS GREAT if we just insist that it is!" or "it all SUCKS and always will SUCK and we're doomed." I try for the middle ground, but the extremes harsh me constantly.

Mike R

Perfectly stated, Mr P'dog: "The fact of the matter is, 98% of us have it better than 98% of the rest of the world. The fact that you have access to Twitter to use to bitch is a BIG CLUE that you got nothing to bitch about, really, what with other parts of the world getting 2 hours of electricity on a good day and all. Sorry to disappoint, but there it is."
Great post and greater perspective. Two thumbs up.

Bent Wickerbill

Truth is these days, most people have a bumper crop of spare time on their hands with nothing useful to do with it. Not too many years ago, most of us were much too busy working 60-70 hours a week, or working a second job which left us little or no time for attending to family matters or even playing with our children never mind frivilous activity of any kind. The explosion of data transfer technology has proven to be incredibly useful, in both advanced cultures and especially in 3rd world countries with oppressive regimes. Unfortunately, it has also given every malcontented, gutless, unemployable, tin foil hat wearing, banging their sippy cup on their high chair dirt bag still living home with his/her momma moron, a venue for the advancement of his or her personal screed of the day and running whine-blog. I think that it may be time to put our hands in the air and slowly step away from the crackberry's and I-Pod's, that it's also time to suck it up and get back to doing something useful, like spending time with our family and friends, or for donating some of this extra time we have on our hands in the betterment of our community. IMHO.... BTW... Does anyone really give a flying f-ck that you (or anyone) are stuck at the red light on 5th and main streets at 10:15 am, or that you rode 25 miles on your recumbent bike today. I know I don't.

Patrick Head

The main stream media ... F'em. They have been anti-IndyCar since before the split. Cavin is good because he is cautious with the facts, as all journalists should be, other than that, IMHO they all have agendas (read somebody paying them something to say the "right" things).

IndyCar racing rocks, always has, always will. Whether a lot of folks get that at any given time is an entirely different topic.

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