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December 08, 2011


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Alan Stewart

Her Majesty is most pleased.


Her Majesty is most pleased.


Her Majesty is most pleased.


Her Majesty is most pleased.


Her Majesty is most pleased.


Her Majesty is most pleased.


Her Majesty is most pleased.


Her Majesty is most pleased.


Her majesty is most pleased :)


Dear Ms. Mann

I hope you read this. I wanted to tell you that I am a big fan of yours. You sent me your autograph and I really appreciate it. I want am 13 and I want o be a racecar driver. You are an inspiration to me. If you get a chance please reply.

In Christ,
Ashleigh L Milam


Pippa = tough cookie. I mean, uh...her majesty is most pleased.


Pippa needs to go to AZ and see Bob Parsons founder and CEO of GoDaddy. While much speculation is on the Godaddy car at AA, No driver has been chosen since D Wheldons untimely death. While many say its Hinch vying for the seat, the facts are GoDaddy uses females as spokesman, NOT males. GoDaddy is a class act and their suggestive commercials are all in good fun and they have helped build Danica's huge career and popularity and might do the same with Pippa as her replacement in the AA car? Female drivers will always be looked at as females and why not use that to their advantage rather then not have a career at all. Just a thought

Linda in Des Moines

Pippa, I think you are a class act and sure want to see you in a car in 2012! Best of luck to you. Glad the hand is doing so well. I'm sure it has been a tough and painful recovery, yet you haven't whined a bit. Good for you lady! That earns my respect.

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