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February 14, 2012


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Lindy Thackston not only brings creditability and passion to the Indycar Series but also adds variety and favor to the telecast. Having a bunch of knowledgeable men talking about Indycar is fine but as a man a change of scenery is often needed or wanted. Lindy is an Indy girl from her early years of reporting and it'll be difficult not to have her there reporting. Please resign her!

Yang from Milwaukee


Bring back Lindy. Why? Because she knows Indycar racing, has an excellent voice, and is extremely likeable on camera. The main reason is she is SMART! She knows what she's talking about and is by far my favorite pit reporter.



Rarely do you find a reporter who has both looks and knowledge of the sport they are reporting on. It is inconceivable to me that Indycar events on NBC Sports could be broadcast without Lindy. Indycar is promoting a product that appeals to younger cooler viewers and a reporter needed to send that message out is Lindy. She is part of what makes the NBC Sports broadcast team head and shoulders above ABC.


Totally agree with above posts!!! This was very sad.. and unexpected news! Perhaps NBC Sports should move Lindy in to replace umm.. you know.. what's his name, the one that can't remember driver's names!

Best of luck to you Lindy! Remember you are a part of the Indycar family and will always have a place with us... on or off the air!


I always enjoyed Lindy's pleasant professionalism on the Indycar broadcasts but when I found out we were from the same hometown (don't know her--I'm much older) it gave me a bit more of a reason to wish her well. I think NBC may have dropped the ball in this case.


This is garbage.

Replacing a fan-favorite who is highly knowledgeable, and actually cares about the sport is not how you build a fan base. Is there any on-air talent who is liked by IndyCar fans more than Lindy Thackston? Why do you think she has the nickname LindyCar?

Stupid, stupid move, NBC Sports Network.

Race fan

Sick about this. Lindy is part of the family and my family will miss her. Thanks Lindy for sharing your knowledge and being so approachable. You made watching enjoyable


Nothing profound to say here but add my name to the list of those VERY disappointed that Lindy won't be part of the team!

Russ Johnson

Will miss her greatly. She always had that knack of drawing out a comment from a driver even if they'd rather not talk to the press at the moment. Who could say "no" to her? But I don't think that kind of talent will go long without another offer. Best wishes on a bright future Lindy!

Roy Hobbson

I met a lot of terrific people during my time at IndyCar, but Lindy ended up being my best friend there. I'm biased, yes -- but still: not only was this a dick move on NBC's part, but a foolish one as well.

A sad fact of life is that most often, when the cameras and mics aren't rolling & the bright lights are off, famous people are not what they seem. Lindy was. And she will be again, which will make this loss for IndyCar all the more galling. Sigh.


Lindy is a rock star. Smart, articulate, attractive, and knowledgable in the sport. When I saw her working she was all about business and preparing properly for any situation. I think she and Patsy, her pit spotter, were a great combo and Lindy will be missed for sure.

Patsy White

I feel as bad as you all do about the loss of Lindy in IndyCar. She was a joy to work with.


Do you think NASCAR will miss this opportunity?

Lindy interviewing Darnica ......hmmnnnnnn....

Patrick Head

This is truly sad news. One of the things IndyCar really needs in all circles is passion. It can never be replaced. I do think that letting NBC know of our displeasure is the right thing to do, whether it help or not.


I'm sure Lindy's well-earned reputation will afford her a great gig in the near future, but for those of us left behind, this is like losing one of the Indycar family... again...

No more Lindy Thackston,
no more sweet skylair.
Does no one pay attention
in those offices up there?

No more blondie-firesuit,
No more homegrown smile.
To get over losing LIndy-Car
will surely take a while.

So buck-up all you LIndy fans,
and wish our Thackston well.
and to her we promise to do our best
to welcome Townsend Bell.

Best wishes to you Lindy!

Leigh O'Gorman

All due respect to the commenters here, but complaints in Pressdog's comment box are highly unlikely to alter the situation.
Surely a note of some sort to NBC Sports would be worth much more.

Jeff H

IIRC, they switched Lindy's role from 2010 to 2011. In 2010, they had her doing some type of "pregame" show at a desk, and my wife and I (just being honest) thought she was terrible. It was actually somewhat of a running joke. But in 2011, I seem to recall her spending more time as a pit reporter, and we both thought that she did a good job at that. Enough so that I would have liked to have seen her stay. I don't view one job as being superior or "more prestigious" to the other, some people's personalities and skills are just better suited for one job over the other. (Katie Couric on the TODAY show vs. CBS News was a prime example of this).

So, in light of how she performed in 2011 (which was a very tumultuous and entertaining season), yes, I will be sad to see her go. I really became a fan of Versus' coverage last year because of the passion and knowledge they have for the sport, which gradually superseded some of the, ahem, rough edges with their broadcast presentation. Hopefully NBCSports can pick up where that left off and try to develop this product.

Titus Pullo

I always enjoyed Townsend Bell's analysis when he substituted for David Hobbs on Speed's F1 broadcasts. NBC has upgraded its broadcasting crew. Not that LindyCar was bad, I am sorry she was let go, but like when Ganassi had the chance to replace Wheldon with Franchitti, you go with the better person. If NBC had to choose between the two, they chose right.

Football Uniforms

she won't be out of a job for long. she's got talent.

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