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April 18, 2012


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Eric McMinoway

Thanks Pressdog, I really enjoy and appreciate the work you do. A lot of good thoughts in there. I love the openness Barfield is showing so far. Plus the picture you have combined with his name makes him seem like an old western villain. Not sure why this entertains me, but it does.


Pdog...I had to unfollow your twitter a few weeks ago for a "too many damn tweets on off days" be fair I had to post how much I enjoy your blog and your efforts. I am a big Indycar fan and now have an inside look at it. But this is always my first stop after every race. Thanks!!

Tom G.

Loving the fireside chats p'dog.

I like the Rahal vs. Andretti "penalty controversy". While it's Marco and Graham, the last names are at least recognizable to casual fans, and I'll be honest. My tabloid tendencies always convince me to open a story when I see "controversy", even if its something I don't follow, like the NBA. I don't think I'm too different from Joe Sixpack in that sense. I don't need to have a dog in the fight, to want to stand on my tiptoes with the crowd and try to see what the commotion is all about.

That said, I'm not sure that having Beaux tweet about race penalties is the wisest thing to do. I love the transparency, but save that for the press conference with the reporter types, and leave twitter to the drivers and PR folks. To put it in context, I don't want to see Ed Hoculi tweeeting about interference calls after a game. Let's keep the racing as the story, not the officiating.


I've really enjoyed the twisties this year and I look forward to the shorter, flatter ovals like Iowa and Milwaukee. I think Indycar does need to convert more Indycar/Nascar fans because most race fans in the US are Nascar fans. And certainly scheduling opposite N-car is a no-no, the schedules should be complimentary rather than in competition. Most Indycar fans would disagree, but I'd like to see an Indycar/Nascar weekend--even if Indycar was the support race. (Not sure what's in it for Nascar.) I also agree with increasing the visibility of The Road To Indy--not sure how you go about that though. And lastly a question--why are people complaining that the engines are so different in performance when all I've heard for years is "spec" engines in "spec" cars suck and make for dangerous pack racing. I'm happy the performance is different, and have confidence Honda and Lotus will get better (or at least different) as they continue to develop.


Never any hard feelings on Twitter unfollows, Sean. I appreciate your appreciation here.


Like you, I'm interested in ratings too. In my case, it's an occupational hazard of the day job. What is becoming tiresome is the excuse making within the larger IndyCar community - “We were up against (insert random whatever).” Or in the case of Long Beach, “We weren’t up against (insert random whatever)". With 536 channels on our cable/satellite lineups, there is ALWAYS “something else on”. Remember too, NASCAR and golf and hockey and all the other stuff IndyCar is “up against” are “up against” the same and other programming. They attain higher ratings because more people want to watch THEIR show than want to watch OTHER shows. If an 0.1 jump in household ratings by not being against NASCAR is the best IndyCar can do, they have a lot bigger and worse problems than what they are programmed against.


I opine that INDYCAR could persuade more NASCAR fans to watch on TV and go to twisties & ovals within a day's drive from their homes. DO we expect to convert Americans who don't currently enjoy watching racing?
I guess that we could tell fans at twisties, via PA, jumbotrons, the tracks' FM radio, and IMS Radio, 'If you like what you're seeing, tune in to the next race.'
I agree scheduling IndyCar races opposite other big spectator sports events, including NASCAR races is "a no-no" if we hope that sports spectators would watch our TV shows or drive to our venues.
INDYCAR could, as Lee and Cavin suggested, begin the season earlier, in sunbelt states, to capture sports fans' attention and dollars, and could race on Saturdays, Saturday evening,s and Sunday evenings if it's avoid scheduling conflicts for viewers.

Calvin Reynolds

Uncle pdog's nails it on the head again.
Understanding ratings makes my brain hurt so happy you're on it; with some help, of course, from the outstanding Jenna Fryer.
Nice shoutout to Beaux Barfield. He is a breath of fresh air in IndyCar Race Control and I hope he is never silenced by the haters or the higher-ups! All of the penalties he issued were for cause and the ones not doled out, he had actual reasons for not calling them. What a change in IndyCar culture!
Oh, and yes, Newgarden got turfed by Dario.

Marty J in Des Moines

p-dog... just so you know, I get my Indy news from three guys primarily... Marshall Pruett, Robin Miller, and you... and I like it when you get on the TV ratings... I'm wondering a couple of things re: ratings... #1, would time-shifting the race into primetime help or hurt ratings? #2, would Robin Miller's grid run be better if there were actually drivers present when he's running?


Pressdog, Can you find out about the wave around with Carpenter Sunday? I thought he was 2nd in line, but was waved around with the help of Carpenter's team speaking with Race Control. Do you know what the wave around rule is now? CC did not know or was not aware.


"Fixating on ratings does not prevent me from enjoying the current racing at the same time."

You say this, and you back it up with the rest of the content on your site. That alone is worthy of appreciation, given how many IndyCar fans bring up ratings only when it furthers their perpetual unhappiness.

Pdog, you keep things on the level, largely free of agenda, and aren't afraid to report the good and the bad. Being a pretty entertaining writer to boot also helps...
Keep up the good work.


Great comments P-Dog and thank you for your efforts (seriously - thanks)! I do enjoy your musings.


You should put that $0.40 LARGE back into the IndyCar community, 'dog.

It's the right thing to do.

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