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May 02, 2012


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Jay Robinson

On Turbogate - I hope Barnes doesn't learn his lesson.

On the Turbo movie - I've been saying for years that we need IndyCars in the $0.99 Hot Wheels bin at Wal-Mart. And an up-to-date video game for the Wii/XBox/PS3. I think those would do wonders for long-term fanbase.

On Cameron and IZOD - I went to an IZOD store earlier this year. I've NEVER owned anything by IZOD. Was looking for a nice polo with an IndyCar logo on it, or something along those lines. Only sign of IndyCar in the store was the sponsor sign in the window. I left.

On the Indy weekend - after having attended a few race weekends outside of Indy now, I can say that I would appreciate a "day off" to see the place. Hit the beach in St. Pete, for instance. Visit some wineries in Sonoma. Or in Iowa... umm... ok, nevermind.


Well, Tony Kanaan is partially sponsored by Brasilian companies and Rubins is almost totally sponsored by Brasilian companies. IndyFar has had races and seasons sponsored by Brasilian companies as well including a race in Homedtead, as well as a season sponsored partially by Cafes do Brasil.


The Indy 500 is the sole reason Indycar even exists. So in that way, it's sorta important.

Calvin Reynolds

Uncle pressdog should continue to drink and blog.
Another great Fireside Chat touching on a lot of IndyCar subjects most of us just wonder about.
The lack of Cameron at races thus far is disturbing to say the least.
She's a wonderful Ambassadress for the IZOD Indycar Series, (to use their formal title)and one wonders why she's not attended the races.
Since she didn't attend Long Beach (the so-called Monaco of IndyCar street race meetings, what chance is there she will be at my home race in Toronto?
One thought occurs to me regarding IZOD's (and thus Cameron's) lessening presence is, the merchandising is now in the hands of Lids and not IZOD, which I believe was the sole supplier since their title signing. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


I'll beat the same dead horse I've struck a couple of times over the last year - It was completely bone-headed to rush the new car/engine combo for the 2012 season. They obviously were not fully prepared on many fronts, and they should have seen this and announced in January that the old car/engine package would be used for one more year. Think of it - at Indy this year there could have potentially been 40+ cars going for the traditional 33 spots. In other words, some real bumping on Bump Day instead of, well, quite possibly no bumping at all, and at least two seriously marginal drivers making the field (no, I'll keep names to myself for the sake of harmony on the P-Dog's site). Where is Tomas Sheckter? Paul Tracy? Well, you get the idea. Lot's of the old car/engine combos out there would have meant alot of folks going for one last go at the 500 this year. And, the new car/engine combo is in no way better performing than the old. Bone-headed.


"Lotus" is Latin for "boat anchor." Priceless.

Dog, not sure if you've had a good look in turn one at Indy, but that's where I've been for a very long time. Last year we had two wide all day (even for the lead, three wide for position several times, and four wide (yes four wide) on occasion. I hate saying this, as the tix keep getting harder to purchase each year, but Indy is very competitive in turn one (just not all that televised).

As for Cameron, put her in a car!


Yes, madtad1, my bad there. I should have said "I wonder if ratings in Brazil are that good for EVERY IndyCar race why more Brazilian companies don't jump in and sponsor IndyCars for the season." (adding the word "more.") As you accurately point out, some Brasilian companies already sponsor, and a festival of respectful tears to them for that sponsorship.


Buy seats on the backstretch or in turn 3. You can see the cars out of two, down the backstretch and through 3 and 4. Don't tell all the knuckle heads who pay extra to sit on the front stretch that a view of the pits doesn't mean you have the best seat in the house.

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