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May 09, 2012


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used to love the whole month of May. but use it or lose it. if they're not going to use more than a week and a half, then they should schedule an oval in May prior to the greatest spectacle.


Indycar needs an oval the weekend prior to practice at IMS. I hope Randy can get something figured out for next year. I don't think we need the two qualifying weekends anymore at IMS but we need races. I'm also not that excited yet, but practice begins today and I see that ESPN Classic has a bunch of old Indy 500's on (however I don't get ESPN Classic on DirecTV).

Mike R

You'll be happy to know that Bryan Clauson has passed his ROP at the Speedway, along with Newgarden, Pagenaud, and Jakes. BC, Jakes and Pagenaud had laps above 217, Newgarden above 216. Last I saw, Jean Alesi had only gotten up to 175...
"Speed, glorious speed"


Jay Penske was executed? Bet that pissed off Roger.


he's sofa king pissed about that.

Tom G.

Here's a thought, since May is sacred and no team would be too happy about missing out on practice time for the ONE BIG RACE that can make a season, how about coming up with some creative ways to stay in the news? Maybe they could take the Indy drivers, put 'em in Dirt Late Models, or Sprint cars, and run them on a local Indy Dirt Track for charity, a la Tony Stewart's deal at Eldora, and televise it on NBC Sports. Wouldn't require tones of $ and resources from the teams at IMS, or testing time for the drivers, would get the series some exposure, and give NBC Sports something else to put on the air.

Ron Ford

Excellent idea above by Tom G. Indy drivers on dirt for charity like Tony Stewart's event at Eldora.


To "KT", ESPNClassic IS on DirecTV but since they moved it to Channel 614 a while back it's a bit harder to find.

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