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June 27, 2012


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I've done my share of "spoiled owner bashing" but Andretti's support of Indycar is fantastic. I like the feeder series, wish more owners would support/publicize it. I like the idea of Mazda building an engine for Lights. I admire Andretti stepping up to promote Baltimore and Milwaukee for the good of the series. And I like his race team. I think maybe you (along with Hinch) just made me an Andretti Autosport fan, P-Dog.


Great interview. I think this gives us all some insight into the dedication and devotion Michael has to IndyCar... something that should probably seem obvious but may get overlooked or given the cynical eye by many. The IndyCar series could use more owners like Michael and Sam Schmidt. Great informative interview. Thanks P-dog.

Mike R

Once upon a time back in his driving days I could barely stand him.

After his time in F1 he came back to the Indy cars with a little different it humility, I guess. But he definitely seemed like a more mature man, not swinging the 'entitlement' attitude any longer.

Now, here, with this interview (the first I've seen that actually touched on some pretty key issues...including Randy-gate), I can say I really have a much deeper respect/appreciation for what he is doing and his place/value in this series.

Now to work on the feelings about Chip...

Tom G.

Great interview. I am astounded by the work and dedication that Mike Andretti has put into the series these past few years. Without his stepping in to save Baltimore, and Milwaukee, we'd be looking at a 13 race schedule for 2012.

Patrick Head

Thank you PDog! I too have to echo the sentiments above ... I was not an Andretti fan when he (they) were driving, but I can't think of an owner that has been better for IndyCar than Michael (and Mario's sponsor activation has been incredible this year, well Marco's too)

Alan H.

Unlike many, I've been an Andretti fan for most my life...gre up just down the street from Nazareth, PA. I think Michael is doing a fantastic job and I really admire his business sense, especially with so little formal education in business.

Kudos to for a great interview. Much better than almost every "professional" interview I read. Way to go Pdog!


Two thumbs up again P-dog! Thanks for all the extra sleuth work and interviews you've been doing lately, keeping us all informed.

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It was a great article and a great interview at the same time. You had a good time with P-dog. I am glad how they enjoy the race with Mazda cars. I know, they have proven something good about Mazda the reason why they preferred to use it.

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Excellent appointment. I am stunned at the work and commitment that Mike Andretti has put into the sequence these previous few decades.

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John @ TLC Autocare

Yes buddy, love these guys! Cant wait for the new season!

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