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August 05, 2012


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Mid Ohio needs a new rule: No Open Wheel Cars Allowed. Motorcycles are great, it's one of the best tracks the AMA races, and ALMS is usually good, but put Indycar's on the track and it's just not very good. It was just a fuel parade with Red Cars out front, and about as exciting as Pocono, which is to say, not very.


Local preacher who apparently can't be preempted/moved to another timeslot ruined the pre-race and first two laps here. Then Mid-Ohio was Mid-Ohio in spite of all the built-in Wacky Races gimmicks. If this race is untouchable, at least those Ohioans a chance to see a better show in Cleveland too.

The Speedgeek

"Not very good"? Dude (Dylan), what? Did you not see any of the passing that went on today? To my eye, that was a pretty darn good race. No, there was but one lead change, but there's a reason for that. Sit down and brace yourself: it's because the two fastest cars (Dixon and Power) got out front, and then nobody could pass either of them. Why? Because they were the two fastest cars. Faster car (those two guys) vs. slower car (everybody else) is a comparison that even my 2 1/2 year old can understand. Unless said faster car that is in front of a slower car makes a mistake, it is never going to get passed by the slower car. That is true in racing, all forms of racing, on all types of tracks, and unless we're going to go and invert the field at half distance, or some other screwy thing, that's something that's never going to get "fixed".

With all of that out of the way, I thought the race was pretty damned interesting. Multiple strategies, some different names (Josef, Bourdais, etc.) running toward the pointy end at times, a couple of guys (TK, Hinch) running from deep in the pack via strategery and passing (including TK passing THREE cars in ONE corner) to the top-6, a basic lack of general driving ass-hattery...that's a good race. Instant classic? No, but I'd give it a solid B to B+. A compelling race for the lead closes the loop and kicks it up to the A-range, but sometimes you can't have everything. That's sports.


Sorry but a 2 hour race with 2 lead changes is a race I can't say I'm too thrilled about


The ALMS race was crap. I was there. Team Muscle Milk won the race by a full lap over the only other truly competitive team, Dyson Racing, in its category.

The morning warm up gave me hope for a wet race, cars were sliding everywhere. But the rain stopped and the track was completely dry by race time.

The only thing wrong with this race is the friggin' fuel knob.

Finally, that's enough of the whining about Cleveland. Ditto for MIS, Road America, and PIR. IndyCar is on record as wanting to go back to all of those places but they don't just wish it and make it so. The tracks have to pay the cash. If the fans want it, they should be writing the tracks.


Tried to watch due to the NASCAR rain delay.
Cars look very slow compared to F1. Maybe it's just the camera angles. But it was like a typical F1 "race". He who starts up front and makes the fastest pit stop wins. About all that can be expected from IndyCar these days.
Send those NBC/Versus guys back to where they came.
I had to turn the TV sound off!!!!


I have to admit they look more and more like go-karts to me, and they look about as slow.

Bill, my abbreviated race notes: They started, they ran, they finished.

Spec car racing at it's finest :(

The Speedgeek

Ah, now I see. The only metric I should use as to whether or not a race was any good is "how many lead changes were there?" Duly noted. I'll adjust my attitude accordingly.

George, for what it's worth, those slug-like go karts were only about 0.3 seconds off the all time CART-era track record in qualifying. With, I might point out, 17% less engine displacement and a fraction of the cost for engine lease price. I guess I just think that's fairly cool. I could be wrong, though.

Jack The Root

0.6 TV rating for the Mid-Ohio Fuel Saving Grand Prix.

That's all that needs to be said.

This is a racing product that, for various reasons, fewer and fewer people care enough about to watch. No matter how "great" the racing may or may have not been this year.

You can't sell millions of dollars worth of sponsorship, when only a few hundred thousand people are watching.


Sorry Geek, don't mean to come off as such a downer, but the whole concept of Indycar racing seems to be slipping past my personal WTF threshhold. Me thinks the rest of the country seems to be in a similar mode, hence the lack of general interest. I appreciate your speed comparo insight, they just look like Matchbox toys.

Promise not to come up with any more comments until I can find a positive issue to jump on.

If the sport is to survive it needs the support of true believers such as yourself, Bill, and other loyal fans who drop by this site.

Leigh O'Gorman

"Cars look very slow compared to F1."

Probably because they're less powerful than GP2 cars maybe...?

Account Deleted

I think the race distance has had to be increased to make it impossible to complete it with 2 stops only. The longest stint at MO was 29 laps so 29*3=87 laps is the theoretical maximum for a 2-stops race under green. Laps under yellow counted as 50% in terms of fuel mileage. In my opinion, the race distance has to be proceeded to make it impossible to run with 2 stops unless the 10% of a distance would been went under yellow. So 29*3+5 laps (additional fuel laps in case of 10% race went under yellow). So we have 92 laps. Just add 7 more laps - and you'll get the way better show


Guess I'm in the minority but I thought the race was fairly decent. I like the suggestion to increase distance so a 2 stop mileage saver won't work. Also, really liked the NBC camera work.

What hurts IndyCar in my eyes are the street courses. I know they get the crowds but I find them unwatchable on TV.

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