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August 24, 2012


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Sorry pressdog, I couldn't get past the part where Danica fans are leg humpers.

The skies parted and I saw the truth and the wisdom and suddenly, the universe made sense.


"Pinot", "Shiraz", "Syrah", "veranda". Congrats, p-dog, in your hands you make single words drip with snark. Love it. "leg humping" - LOL - you da DOG!


Looks like Sears Point/Indycar and Bristol/NASCAR are on the same page this weekend, tweaking the tracks in an attempt to improve the racing action for the fans. Good development for both series I'd say.

In regards to Bristol, the old configuration, but that old configuration was not "much flatter", it was higher-banked. The old banking was claimed to be an absurd 36 degrees in the turns, though it was probably several degrees less. The progressive banking flattened most of the turns slightly, and this new resurfacing has cut the banking of the top groove further.
I don't know if it will accomplish what they want, but kudos for making the effort.

Savage Henry

I hope the new car and track changes make for a more interesting race. I think I turned it off about 1/3 of the way through last year.

Circuit design is a critical factor that is often overlooked in determining the quality of the racing. If you are on a track that doesn't have any passing zones, then there's not going to be any passing. There's no getting around that. I've never heard anybody complaining about the lack of overtaking at Spa, Monza, or Road America, no matter what kind of cars are running there. I think that if you go to better tracks, you'll have better racing.


I don't care about track configurations or television ratings or track attendance or even good competition, really.

I'm just worried about the car owners. I want them to be happy. Super-happy. Happier than any human being has a right to wish for. I want them in luxury suites drinking wine and private-jetting to the next luxury suite. I want them to have Kate Upton as their in-flight blanket. I want Congress to declare them National Treasures. Because god knows they've suffered enough. Please can we just think about these owners for once. And their happiness. Thanks.


Perhaps some people might be interested in Jim Harbaugh's comments about IndyCar and Panther racing to the media that cover the 49ers. Rare chance for someone to talk to the stick and ball media about racing.

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