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September 18, 2012


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Brian McKay in Florida

"television package has made IndyCar the best kept secret in racing" ~ Jenna Fryer


But I thought that once Danica left and everyone's feelings were better, with drivers hugging and getting along finally, and all the other drivers finally getting the press and exposure they so richly deserved, that the IndyCar league would soar in the ratings. Oops.
Don't anyone ever say that Danica Patrick isn't a smart cookie... got out while the getting was good. And, hate to say this boys, but she will continue to make millions more than you and have a great career in NASCAR.


Well I wont be nasty just will say I thought maybe the finale of the season might get more attention and therefore maybe better ratings. I didnt really see much advertisments on it other then speedtv and some on ESPn etc. Oh well as long as the sponsors or network doesnt mind I guess its fine untill they do mind? I didnt watch it either as I dont get the network but saw that RHR won it all and feel bad for Power as it seems he isnt destined to win it all, and since i dont care for the arrogant M Andretti, thats all I have to say>


The race started too late to draw any but the most devoted fans in the Midwest and East. @WhateverJoel suggested on twitter that the race be moved to mid-October, when average high temps are 10 degrees lower (81-82F vs 91-92F) and there is still typically very little risk of precipitation in that region. If it remains a Saturday night race, moving it deeper into the NFL season probably isn't a problem. I think the only major sport conflict would occur if a SoCal MLB team were in the playoffs. Something must be done to get the ratings up otherwise sponsors will continue to come and go for the smaller teams/younger drivers and make things even more difficult.


Supposedly the track is OK with an October date, but it depends on the series filling up their calendar. With this year's penultimate race at Baltimore the first weekend in September, an October date for Fontana would have left at least a month-long gap in between. We were at the race and because of the heat decided we won't go back if it's again in September. October, however, is more reasonable.


There will be a Houston street race in October. The thought is to move Fontana to behind that.

Scotty Gates Is Clueless

"Don't anyone ever say that Danica Patrick isn't a smart cookie... got out while the getting was good."

No, she got out when Go-Daddy told her to go.

When was anything in Indy Car "good"? The 1980's?

With Danica Patrick, ratings were tumbling in Indy Car Land. She really made very little difference either way.


The network itself continues sliding even as NBC brings in the Olympics, MLS, and various NFL, MLB, and general sports interest and highlight shows.
Very curious that the Indycar ratings were better, and in some cases much better, when the channel was Versus.


We'll see how Robby Gordon's new Stadium Series trucks do on a combo of NBC and NBCsports. I think it will outdraw Indycar.

Leigh O'Gorman

There's a strange irony in IndyCar being topped on NBCS only by Bull riding...

Tom G.

I agree with billytheskink. They are now 1 year into the rebranding at NBCSports, and have added the Olympics, and MLS soccer, and the BEST rated show of the last 2 weeks only drew 250,000 viewers? To make matters even worse, their marquee package (NHL) is now on a lockout. This isn't just an Indycar problem. Heads will be rolling in TV land.


Next year, Houston is on Oct 7. If NASCAR doesn't move any dates around, the following weekend will be their Saturday night race at Charlotte. Run Fontana on Sunday, Oct 14th and put the race on ABC. They will need a race in mid-Sept to bridge the gap between Baltimore & Houston (I vote for Watkins Glen, but it won't happen).

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