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September 20, 2012


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Big smile :) from Chiefswon. Classic example of your Humor and your understanding of racing. Got to Love Tony! It's going to take years before IndyCar is back on the grid if we don't get our kids to the track.... TV Ala Carte. It's just a matter of chargebacks vs allocations..and that is just from a dumb old semi retired accountant...folks only want to pay for what they use...nothing wrong with that.

Thanks PDog!


The problem isn't NBCSN's coverage quality, it's penetration . NBCSN isn't on many systems, or it's on an expanded tier that less people subscribe to. Speed TV is usually available to more people. And why limit it to a sports network? How about USA Network? It's owned by NBC Universal, too, and is available on more systems without expanded tiers. If not all NBC races, maybe a portion of them? They carried some Olympic events and carry tennis, so sports coverage wouldn't be unprecedented. It would also be interesting to know what the cumes were when ChampCar was on Spike.

Jeremy from Harrisburg

USA Network might be a good call. If they don't want to make the switch for the races, maybe put IndyCar 36 on after RAW on Monday nights.


Indycar needs to be on one of the "big three" networks or maybe espn and they need--like Nascar--to be programmed on one of those networks at a predictable time. Saturday afternoons or nights or whatever. Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel. Anything else is just more invisi-ratings. I don't even know if that would draw an mass audience for Indycar. They signed a bad deal with ABC when they couldn't sell broadcast rights for races outside of the ABC 5 or 6 races. That should have been easy--let us sell the others or give up the 500...

As far as streaming on internet, all I know is I wouldn't watch it. Streaming may be the future, but right now it's not as legitimate as network or even cable tv.

the american mutt

Chill...just chill...


In terms of the shake-up at JRM, it sounds like crew chiefs wanted an Elliot Sadler type to help out rookie Whitt and essentially a rookie Danica to sort out the cars. It seems like a good idea to me, but I'm not JR asking favors from his Cup rivals or spending my $$ on a NNS team.

Also, just for you - I figured out the perfect driver comparison for Danica (hint: not Johanna Long) in NNS. Brian Scott! who is also having an underachieving season in good equipment.

Speaking of NASCAR, pressdog since you are NASCAR newbie, what do you think of the Dillon brothers?

Finally, Shift is excellent - had it when I went back to the Midwest for the Kansas NASCAR race.


Tony Stewart and the Harvicks have openly talked about Tony's pre-race ritual for years, it just finally got caught directly on camera.

Stewart often tells another story involving the Harvicks where he woke up to his alarm clock and got ready only to discover his clocks had been set ahead. Assuming he had been pranked he proceeds to enter the Harvick's motorhome and upon realizing Kevin is in the shower decides to crawl into bed with DeLana in hopes of getting a rise out of Kevin when he finishes his shower.

What are the chances of something similar ever happening in IndyCar? Have I missed Scott Dixon regularly giving Ashley Judd a squeeze? Given that we have learned NBC Sports has no ability to drive viewers to IndyCar because they have no excess viewers. Which is pretty much the current problem for main NBC channel as well. Their current viewship is so reduced that even if they have a really good show they can't drive viewers to it because none of their programming has enough viewers to be the engine.

So there have to be mini-controversies that are going to force coverage across media platforms. In a couple of seconds you get a clear impression of the personalities of both Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick. A Will Power offering the double #1 moment makes it to a wider audience.

For better or worse IndyCar needs those organic controversial moments, but they are a lot harder to generate when the sport's best drivers are racing less than 20 times per year.


As for the Eury's and JRM the core of the issue in my opinion really stems from the introduction of the new car into Nationwide last season, which made the Nationwide cars much more like the current Cup cars. Eury Sr. basically got of the Cup series at the time the new Cup car was being introduced. And Eury Jr. pretty clearly never had a good handle on the new Cup car.

The new Nationwide car being more like the Cup car gave a much bigger advantage to the cars being built in Cup garages. The Eury's have never had a handle on the CoT and as Dale Jr. admitted the Eury's weren't real interested in asking for help from Hendrick.

Now having two rookies this season certainly didn't help, but I don't think it absolves them either.


Appreciate the comments, Scott. My personal reaction to the Steward grabass deal was that I, personally, think it is weird/off-putting for any man to grab any woman in that way. That does not mean I think Tony should be restrained or punished for said maneuver in any way. He's free to grab her if he wants and I'm free react how I want. Freedom is awesome. You are right, it does give an instant impression of Stewart's personality, which I continue to be not a fan of.


Thanks. Just to be clear I didn't intend to be defending Stewart's actions in a moral sense. Villains attract viewers just like heroes, and it takes moments where the drivers reveal their personalities. And that typically happens when somebody decides to color outside the lines. Moments that force an opinion even if you don't know a single thing about IndyCar or Nascar.

As far as my own feelings about the incident itself I have mixed feelings due to my own moral relativism. I certainly disapprove in a global sense, but I don't have much of a problem in this specific case because I'm fairly confident that DeLana has the power to smack even a bully like Tony Stewart on the nose if she wanted to put an end to it. And I had heard the story at least a year before so I immediately had a context to put it in when I first saw it. So I chuckled when I saw it the first time because I already knew what was happening and how all the parties felt about it, but I also recognize that it would have made me very uncomfortable in just about any other context.

Ron Ford

I am one of those folks who think that TV and the internet are rapidly converging. As you suggested, I think IndyCar needs to ride that wave. I miss watching an IndyCar race from inside a driver's car. I usually watch a Nationwide race on their "Race Buddy" feature.

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