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October 22, 2012


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From what I have been able to gather Kenseth decided to leave Roush because he didn't feel he was a priority, which increased his feelings of uncertainity when coupled with the reality that Roush hadn't been able to get his car fully sponsored. Roush let him get to the final year of his deal for the first time in Kenseth's career and there didn't seem to be much urgency from Roush to get him re-signed. Understandable on the part of Roush given the sponsorship uncertainity and the general perception that Kenseth would never ultimately leave Roush out of loyalty.

But when Gibbs pursued him and had a fully sponsored car with a rock solid primary sponsor a Matt Kenseth that wasn't feeling particuarly wanted at Roush jumped on it and didn't even give Roush the right to match. Kenseth didn't look to start a bidding war like the previous year between Roush driver Carl Edwards and Gibbs. He made an early decison and that was that, and took Roush by surprise in the process.

That may not be exactly right, but it is roughly what people have been able to piece together.

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