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November 20, 2012


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Good for Daniker. I was concerned that no one had noticed her.


Belskus Schmelkus. Disappointing. And not likely to be voted most popular anything.

Ted Wolfram

As Danica has matured, she has become not only a fan favorite, but she understands that for to her to succeed the sponsors have to benefit from the association with her and between her and fans.

The Nationwide Insurance Company has used her well, and she has returned a lot more than they pay her for the ads with Jr.

Larry King had a session with Danica, (you can find it on Facebook), and she was both very responsive to his questions and additionally she gave a glimpse inside a very intelligent woman.

Being a good or even great race car driver is no longer going to cut it....sponsors and fans for that matter want a lot more....Danica brings the whole package.


Move over Junior. Here comes the juggernaut!


Was happy to see she won MPD as this will help her damaged ego somewhat from her somewhat "dissapointed" 1st FT season although Iam sure she learned from it. I was concerned as being a senior her other fans I know dont even own PC's to do anything online, like voting for her etc, but apparently she had enough to get her the win?

Still some criticism for sure by some, but what most dont realise is that popularity has absolutely nothing to do with results on the track and Dale Jr has proved that as well although his career is certainly decent but better drivers cant win this award from him. Lookout next yr.


Here I go raining on Danica's parade, yet again. But,I have another driver to compare her to: She and Junior BOTH can go away until either of them win something. Anything. In any kind of series. In Junior's case, recently, please. Can't understand his lack of recent results in a big time team, but he and Brett look good in those Wranglers!

Yep, I also recognize that popularity has little to do with winning and fan loyalty counts for everything in these kinds of polls, but please come back (both of you, yeah you Junior too) when you are competitive.

Rooting for underdogs has always been a mainstay of sports, which I can respect, but the continuing fawning over Danica and Junior both eludes me.

One of the best features of sports, we all can be fans of cults of personalities, or be vehemently opposed to same. I for one shall remain opposed.

Happy T'Day to all, especially to pressdog for allowing us to present our opinions, good bad or otherwise.


You are entitiled to your opinion as there are others who think the most popular with the fans should be the ones who are actually winning but--NOT true-- and probably never will be? Exactly why fans like a driver as said--has little to do with results. Similar is like some people who like actors or singers who look good but may not be the best actor or singer but are hugely popular regardless. Looks and character, charisma has more to do with popularity then where someone fnishes a race or acts or sings etc etc..

I understand rooting for the underdog but truth be told Danica Is the underdog by all accounts being the female in a male dominated sport. Course JR isnt, but still doesnt matter as the fans like who they like and nothing can change that unless they change their minds and will someday?

Now as another comparison, in other sports they have the MVP which usually IS the best player, so see the difference? Maybe Nascar needs to have a "Best driver" poll, but what are the odds it would still be Dale JR--just how the fans see it--like it or not.

Danielle Knoxson

You do not win most popular by simply being the best. You win most popular not only for your job on the field but also your job off the field. I believe that she has done a great job off the field with her association with Godaddy. The good looks certainly help!

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