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November 15, 2012


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Ted Wolfram

I've waited to see what would be posted, and NOT ONE!!... It is almost as if IndyCar doesn't exist...things are posted on Facebook and few comment and even fewer even bother to hit the "like" button. An example Andretti Autosports posted a question about what was the "best memory of anything Andretti"...23 commented and 11 liked. To give you an idea of how minimal that number is....Danica two days later posted that she was at MSG to dedicate a clock, and she got 183 comments, 1555 likes, and 59 shares!!

I think it may be time to think of killing off the mess called IRL dba as IndyCar, and start over with an open formula. IndyCar is only important to about 200,000+ of us who attend the "500", and that number is probably going to drop.

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