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November 06, 2012


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The race was dull and boring other then the very end with the battle between the lead drivers but--a race needs to be more then that. Course as i commented in another thread, most wouldnt know where their favorite drivers were because of the lousy telecast of the race only showing the front 5 or 10 drivers most all night according to friends who watched the entire race while I turned it off out of boredom and back on at the end and didnt miss anything, according to them.

Nascar and ESPN is ruining this series and the question is--when is someone in authority going to notice and quit saying everything is fine, because it isnt.

OH well--if I cant see my favorite drivers running farther back, then i will quit watching all together and how many others will do the same thing or already are? Any race is about more then just the 5 or 10 front runners, except the finish of course, or lets just limit the field to 10 cars and be done with it--whats the difference?


Ratings would be better if Ken Schrader was running up front. People love Ken Schrader.


Who??? Ken Shrader?? No offense but never heard of him really in the mainstream news as being popular. Some thought Pastrano would raise ratings to, but didnt and Carmichael a yr or so ago, but he didnt either. Facts are when Danica runs up front ratings usually spike somewhat, but facts are most the races nowdays just arent very good so Nascar has its hands full to figure out why, but lousy tv coverage of the race will turn fans off as it turned me off and I then turned them OFF and others must be doing that also?

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