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December 12, 2012


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Ok this is probably going to sound nasty to some but point is, doing a qualifying PR thing using Legge is rediculous at best as what has she actually achieved in Indycar that is newsworthy so far? If they want to do a storyline on this then get a more recognised driver who actually has qualified at the top or at least very high at the Indy 500 and knows the struggles & pressure of qualifying there. Oh well--More lame attempts by Indycar to get attention to its series, this time using a female driver, but hasnt done squat so far at Indy or Indycar so maybe not the best choice but--Oh well?

Iam sure they will keep doing this, hoping something or someone will draw more attention to Indycar, as the Tony S offer to run the Penske car worked well for awhile. Just wait a minute or so and there will be more lame PR attempts to come Iam sure--Course Nascar does this also but their PR attempts usually have more viable interest & facts then these. Happy Holidays


I'm reasonably sure it was Katherine's own PR team and/or TrueCar who got her this exposure (not IndyCar PR). I very much doubt IndyCar PR initiated it. But I'm sure they did facilitate it when it came along for Katherine. I don't see any upside in saying "no" to any publicity. The great misconception of PR is that they can control what the media covers. They cannot. They can suggest, advocate and pitch stories to the media day and night, but they can't just phone up a TV station and say "do a big thing on Dario (or whoever) qualifying for the 500" and have it happen. IndyCar PR works hard and pitches pitches pitches stories, but fan interest is what drives what the media does. The makers of this documentary thought Katherine was a good subject, so it got made. Pretty much end of story.

Ron Ford

Yes Vern, your post was nasty, and ridiculous, and lame, perhaps because you have assumed that this documentary was an IndyCar initiated PR attempt. It was not.
But hey, Happy Holidays.


I first met Katherine when she showed up - uninvited - to a Lyn St James test for Kathryn Nunn's Lights team. She whipped the other gals although she'd never seen any oval, much less Texas Motor Speedway - and won my admiration at that point. Still think she's the real deal.


"but they can't just phone up a TV station and say "do a big thing on Dario (or whoever) qualifying for the 500" and have it happen."

That IS the real problem with Indycar Pressdog, as you stated. The mainstream media really isnt interested in Indycar drivers for the most part as RHR won the championship and I saw very little on him although I think he was on Letterman. On the other hand Nascar could probably get at least a few of its bigger known drivers on a major network for a interview about racing etc fairly easy because of the popularity factor of Nascar and its drivers, some of course more then others. Indycar has to push & push very hard to get any coverage, mainsteam for sure,and there lies at least ONE of Indycars problems.

If this is Legges PR people doing this then good luck with that, however the comment saying she is the real deal, i know quite a bit about her as well and I wouldnt go that far, esp from what Ive seen in Indycar--yes--I do still watch occasionally. I saw Legge on a small cable sports show yrs ago actually with Lynn St James I believe when she was trying to get into Indycar and Lynn was doing PR for her racing charity etc. I heard some of Legges not so nice comments about another driver and will say she didnt impress me much with her attitude, but thats my opinion. Lots of drivers talk trash but if they cant back it up on the track then they are the ones who look bad, I think most would agree?

My thoughts and keeping the thread going as things are slow this time of yr in the racing world.

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