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December 18, 2012


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Ted Wolfram

You and I see it exactly the same way.....I work as a business consultant....and if you don't understand where you can't prepare for the future.

My hope is that the consultants will understand the differences between sports....Golf and Tennis are up close competition between individuals, and in an event that has historic importance. IndyCar racing is between CARS with individuals that are almost invisible, and when at the Speedway, historic as well. The one difference is that the CARS which provide the visual and audio appeal to the viewers...both in the stands and on TV.

That difference has been all but a formula that makes each car the same (SPEC), and thereby taking one important element away from a sport that really must live on INNOVATION. THE CAR!

If the product anyone sells is too costly the product must be modified or it fails. 300,000 TV viewers demand just so much sponsorship money. In order to increase the audience...the product must be cost appropriate, and attractive to the buyer.

I hope the consultants look at the formula, it's cost, it's lack of openness, and it's limited attractiveness to the younger potential fan. No matter how the TV contracts or the promotion of drivers is improved without a more attractive product things will not improve...!!


I thought Miles nailed it when he talked Wimbledon as a bit of an example for Indy. Wimbledon has managed to keep all its ancient and royal-ness but evolved in other areas to meet changing customer demand. His comments about keeping the historic and tradition vibe in the brand but not freezing everything in the 1960s was very exciting to me.


I take issue with this analogy of kids on computer games.
The problem,having two children the roughly the same age as Mr. Miles, is the disconnect between the instant gratification of gaming, which does not take any real world skill or appreciation or acumen, and the desire to proffer a platform borne out of the advancements of TV, the Beatles and a moon landing.
His desired demographic are more concerned with playing in a cosy anonymous fantasy world, (with 'real' names and perceived talent values all gleaned in their periphery) than anything that takes an investment of attention,learning and consideration outside of the need for the muscle memory of which buttons to press.

Their world is so frickin' narrow, so easy to manipulate, it ain't funny. They haven't the facility to wonder anymore. It's all done for them. I worry about these children's rational development..and make no mistake, they are still children. My observation is not syllogistic but I can't tell you how much further along in life I was at their age.

But that's a whole other kettle O' fish.

Ron Ford

Well I read it Dog and I can only say that apparently it does not take much to make you giddy.

I thought your remark "This worked in the Pro Bull Riders Association, so lets give that a shot here in IndyCar" demeaning to Randy Bernard. I don't believe Randy's approach to the job was that shallow.

So now we have a new guy talking about what worked with tennis and what his kids watch on the computer. WOW. A festival of giddiness.


When I first read this article before your posting I thought that it was bafflegab & quit halfway through.

I'm still not sure. Maybe it was just the Glenlivet.

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