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December 13, 2012


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Tom G.

I hope you're right about Miles. (fingers crossed)

I don't like the "playoff" model of stick and ball sports for racing. I think the "Grand Slam" model from Golf where you elevate the key events (like what they're doing with the Triple Crown) is another way to generate interest in individual races, without overly fixating on the overall championship. I know some think that the multiple trophy thing for road & oval is silly, but I like the effort to inject new story lines into the schedule.

PS-When can we start calling him "500 Miles"?

Gurney Eagle

You can't sustain interest in a "chase" when you have five weeks between races toward the end of the season (Baltimore on 9/1, Houston on 10/5-6). That will have to be addressed first. As far as lights at IMS, will the town of Speedway be willing to have 100,000 drunken fans turned loose on its streets at 11 PM?

Chris Lukens

Stock cars that look stock; I remember when Richard Petty was disqualified from a race because his Plymouth didn’t have doorhandles.

As far as the Chase / Playoff / Multiple Championships thing goes, I am going to wait and see also, but generally I tend to disagree with these gimmicks. However, for a good read go to JP’s Indycar Blog here, I don’t agree with everything there but he has some really interesting ideas.


Isn't the season a "playoff?" Indycar better double the amount of races before they consider anything of the sort.

Miles biggest chore? Finding a suitable "non-interim" replacement for Randy Bernard.

Dean Barnes

"Bull by the horns" in the late paragraph?
That sounds like a Randy Bernard (something)? Parable, question, freudian slip?

Mike Cornelia

It is very interesting to hear what they are going to do with some of the Nascars. My favorite are the Dodge vehicles because I was able to check them out at the Dodge in Weslaco TX. It is really unbelievable at the amount of time and energy that are put into these super cars. It truly amazes me.

Jeremy from Harrisburg

IndyCar needs a playoff as much as the DW12 needs square tires.

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