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February 17, 2013


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good for Daniker.

Ted Wolfram

It's not that the car wasn't great, it was.

It's not that the builders didn't do a super job, they did.

It's not about an engine that didn't produce lots and lots of torgue, it did.

All the above are TRUE, but so is the fact that Danica did what she had to do, and did it better than 44 other drivers!

Well done Danica!!


Congrads to Danica and all her team and all her fans who are many. Reportedly, servers crashed after the news broke and she was and is trending near the top in worldwide social media. Lots of articles mentioning all the worldwide attention this is bringing to nascar and a comment I saw: "Who else but Patrick could pull that off? Not even Dale Earnhardt Jr."

Jeff Gordon said all his daughter wanted was to touch the trophy and get a pic with Danica as she never knew a girl could be a race car driver before she knew Danica and thats true for many Iam sure. Congrads to Danica and her team but she did hold the fastest line as they showed in the ghost imaging. The driver clearly does deserve some credit as maybe a different driver in her car wouldnt have got the pole-- very cool.


The engine crosses the finish line first...

Lynn K

First of all, congratulations to Danica and the whole team for a great job. I have however received feedback from a bunch of people including some who should know better that NASCAR fixed the outcome. I simply don't understand how anyone who follows the sport could seriously believe that. First of all, if they did somehow fixed the outcome, when it came out, and it inevitably would, the credibility of the sport and ultimately the sport itself would be destroyed and the people who run things are too smart and make too much money to let that happen. Second, if they were fixing the outcome, I don't see Dale, Jr. going five years between wins. And finally, until someone can show me how they could control 33 thousanths of a second (that's what? about 2 feet) at 196 mph I'm believing its all legit. I also noticed that the fastests 40 cars are all within one second of each other. They all know what they're doing.


Wonderful outcome for Danica, her team and Tony as team owner. But here's where reality rears its ugly head.

How many Daytona pole winners have gone on to win the race? Since 1959 only 9 drivers have gone on to win the race from pole. Can she do it from pole? Absolutely, but the chance to get caught up in "The Big One" is always there, especially after pit stops drop her amongst the mid field crazies looking to gain position.

I wish her well and no doubt will be watching come race day.

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