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February 19, 2013


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Jim Gray

Her tenacity makes a mockery of mere matter what gender!


Want a great story? Just read about her 2011 Indianapolis 500. From finally landeing a ride, to qualifying on little practice when her fulltime teammate failed to make the field, to her heroic raceday - when she started on the back row, dealt with a malfunctioning water bottle that forced her to run the full 500 miles with no hydration. yet, she still managed to finish twentieth as a rookie. That's a great story.


Pippa does more to promote IndyCar than a lot of the full-time drivers. She's out there with the fans and always has a smile on her face. The fact that she doesn't have a ride is a crime!!


Wow. That deserves sponsorship. Much more impressive than the "I can't wait toget to the gym and live in my spandex" types. Impressive!


Pippa is truly one of the best ambassadors associated with IndyCar. She needs to be in a car! Pippa is an exceptional communicator. She was a PHENOMENAL trackside color analyst at the Baltimore GP last year!! I would MUCH rather see her in a car, but if she can't drive, GET HER ON TV OR RADIO. She was all over the Burger Bash last year, spending quality time with anyone who wished to speak to her... including tons of kids. As I said... a fantastic ambassador for the sport, as good or better than any of the current drivers. And that says something, as many of the drivers today do a wonderful job of promoting this great sport. Did I say she needs to be in a car? PIPPA NEEDS A RIDE!!

Ted Wolfram

Pippa is what every sponsor should want, she promotes open wheel, she loves racing, and she goes out of her way to be available to fans whenever she appears. (I've met her and she is both fun and very knowledgable to talk to....and she does it all with a smile).

The two crashes with Rahal/Letterman/Lanigan, have done the lady a lot of damage....but I still think she could make the BEST spokeswomen for some sponsor...are you listening GO Daddy? Hinch is a nice guy...but if people are body gives a darn about him.

Pippa could bring a new, fresh, and if the advertising agency has a half a brain...a great foil working with Danica. (I could just see Bob Parson handing Pippa a mop, and having Pippa ask....."Are you sure Danica started this way"?)


When was the last time she actually collected a paycheck for driving a car? She seems like a ride buyer with a misplaced sense of entitlement. Her record is nothing to write hlme about.


Pippa Rocks! Any sponsor looking for an amazing spokesperson, brand representative, with true grit needs to get her on board ASAP!

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