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February 09, 2013


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Thanks PDog!,

I really enjoyed Blogger Night. Thanks to Kevin and Curt for making it happen and letting you folks get additional exposure. Even though I don't follow all of the IndyCar Bloggers, I do appreciate their passion. Thanks again:)

Mike (15 Days In May)

I read "Dead Man's Switch" about a year ago and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to her new book in April.

Great to finally put a voice to a name on Blogger Night, P'dog! I hope our paths cross sometime.

Tammy Kaehler

Thanks so much, PDog and Mike! Hearing that knowledgeable race fans appreciate and enjoy what I'm doing helps me keep my nose to the grindstone ... now back to working on Book 3, set at the Daytona 24.


Great "chat" reading yet again PDog!

Regarding any ROI of "investing" 100 million large of taxpayer money at IMS I ask only one question: IF they currently draw 200,000+ people to IMS in May how many more visitors will the investment possibly draw? And if the owners of IMS had invested their own funding into upgrading the facility instead of allowing a certain person to squander millions on his racing fantasies, would they be standing there today with their hands out?

In any taxpayer subsidy for any stadium/racing facility the proper role of that funding should be focused on outlying infrastructure improvements that improve access into/out of the site.

ROI on taxpayer investment only works (IMHO) in a new area where no venue previously existed, like COTA in Texas.

God bless Ms Patrick and any attention she can garner for herself. I'll be truly impressed when GoDaddy can tout her racing accomplishments in lieu of sexually exploitative innuendo.


If making crappy commercials is holding back the sport of racing, we must first start with Mikey Waltrip and Toyota for the firing line.

Ted Wolfram

Holy Cow...the Indianapolis Motor Speedway....wants on the "dole"....Really???

Tony Hulman must be turning in his grave!!

He spent every dime he made from racing, (and he made a lot) on improving and making the Speedway a world class facility...and now the management wants TAX money to "Improve" the place!!

Once again....REALLY????

Sad to see how far the Speedway has fallen! But, I am not naive...The NFL, NBA, and the MLB all have gotten public funds to build and improve facilities, and tax breaks including tax abatement....but I just thought the Speedway was above all that.

Guess I was wrong again!!

Ted Wolfram

Racing, all types, needs new, younger fans, and anything that brings attention to racing should be welcomed.

Danica does that in spades and when she wins (and she will) in NASCAR I'll bet a nice bottle of single malt gets reported world wide.

The people that "hate" her are running their mouths about her appearance in the Go Daddy ads....certainly haven't read her comment about the "kiss"...!!

I cheer for all the girls....think of how hard it would be for a women to say play tennis, or basketball, soccer, or any other sport against men and do it without handicap. In racing they even take away an advantage (women generally are lighter) women the men who have an advantage of strength don't lose it to a smaller person.

I have met Danica on several occasions and I have found her to be both pleasant and well as fiesty, tough, and focused... which when men (Example Tony throwing helmet) it shows spirit, but when she marched down to ask Ryan Brisco "What the F&^% he was thinking?" She was a bitch???

Danica is great for her hate her, you just can't ignore her!!


I too cheer on women in all sports. My daughter was a nationally recognized volleyball player in high school, full scholarship Division 1 player, and currently coaches in division 1.

I gladly support women in racing and would be thrilled when/if they can impact any series on any level. I have always maintained that Ms. Patrick has exploited her sexuality to achieve sponsorship that prolongs her career. On a level that men can't, but no one calls that unfair, do they?

Yes, yes, yes, there are many mediocre male drivers (especially in NASCAR) who seemingly race forever with less results then Danica; but at least they do it in a relatively anonymous vacuum. With the previously noted (agree with you Sabrina) exception of Michael Waltrip, but who has had some recent success with his teams of late.

No matter how civilized anyone disagrees with Danica's lack of results or marketing of her "skills" they are susceptible to be be castigated as sexist pigs looking to deprive women of equal opportunities.

There are few superstar personalities in racing anymore (at least in Indycars) so I guess I resent the excessive attention she draws with so few tangible results, as in winning. And when (or if) she does win in NASCAR the world wide stories will no doubt include phrases like "at long last", "about time","promise fulfilled", etc.

Gotta go shovel out the 6' snow drifts across my driveway now, hope to survive and read the responses this comment generates!

P.S.-I will check out Tammy Kaehler's books on Kindle, thanks for the heads up PDog.

Ted Wolfram

GeorgeK...Well put, but you are aware Danica is the "best" female driver EVER in both IndyCar and now NASCAR already...Right?

She has a better finishing average in the "500" than RHR, TK, Marco, and Graham Rahal and in her FIRST Indy 500 she was the first women to lead the race, and finished in the top 5 for the best finish by a country mile, by any women, and she was the first women to win a race in IndyCar..again agree?

In NASCAR she already has the best finish (4th)of any women, and she has one pole (again the first women to do that)...Agree?

And Janet Guthrie still leads her in one area...since Janet (who was a pain in the butt if you ever met her) finished 19th in the Daytona 500 (21 laps down) Danica has a goal for this year.

So perhaps "the lack of results" when examined carefully are kind of hard to find.

Further, your comment on her skill in developing sponsors. (Remember she had Argent, Motorola, and several other sponsors before Bob Parson found her for Go Daddy). This is a plus for any racing series, and without people watching and buying the sponsor's product since racing runs on MONEY...What would you have???

Hmmm I know.....You'd have IndyCar...!!


I don't want to turn this into a Does Danica Suck or Not debate, but ... I don't believe all criticism of Danica is based on sexism. Some is, some isn't. I don't have any issue with fair criticism of her abilities or even her marketing approach. IF the Indy 500 is the greatest, most difficult race in the world, it's hard to argue Danica isn't a great driver given her results as Ted outlined. This is very hard for some IndyCar fans who think Danica is overrated to reconcile. You can't fluke results all those years in a row. "She had the best equipment" card is often played here. Finally, the record is pretty clear that Danica is the most successful on-the-track female driver ever. Not sure how much that means, but that is also undeniable. The record is also pretty clear that Danica had the best team, equipment and backing of any female driver in history, which plays a big role in results.


First off--when is the last time Danica did a sexy commercial--NOT this yr for sure. Her last somewhat sexy was superbowl 2011 and not very sexy then as they have all but stopped those but some keep ranting about her only being a sexy image--get a clue. Danica is who she is and its time people get a life and except that fact as all the ranting being done is by a clear minority of ignorant people or haters as they are like a pebble on the sand compared to all her fans being the beach. Clearly the negative people arent anything worth paying attention to as Danica herself said she ignores them. However its the nasty media people who write trash because no one is reading their lame stories so mentioning Danica in a negative way will get them some attention they otherise cant get--thats all.

Now for the Indy speedway needing tons of cash--OK. First off-a speedway that gets 200,000 fans show up but cant find the $$'s for improvmeents there is something wrong with that. Facts may be--they havent had that many fans show up in yrs, as more & more empty seats at the 500 and maybe thats the issue and why they need more $$'s? If I were asked to loan them money and they cant turn enough of a profit anyway then how do they pay it back or is that the point, they will never have to--just asking?? If a race track isnt making enough money to support itself or to make improvements then maybe it shouldnt be in business given the economy and more worth while things to spend that extra tax dollars money on--just saying. Heres a thought put more races on to generate more revenue--why hasnt anyone considered that?


I agree, Ms. Patrick has posted the best results of any female driver in any series. EVER. I guess what truly rubs me the wrong way is the way she seems to be elevated to the same level as the all time great drivers, with only ONE win to her resume.

Reminds me of the pre-race autograph signing session where all the fans were flocking to Danica's table which prompted Dan Wheldon to have a tee shirt printed that said "Indy 500 winner", or something to that effect.

Thank you all for the courteous responses, it's why is the best place to post opinions!

Back to the snow.

Ted Wolfram

GeorgeK...It seems people that follow Pressdog are real race fans. We all want to see racing at it's best, and we might disagree on a point or two...but we respect the other fans opinion.

My family (4 generations, I being the one called "older than dirt")are all race fans, and we all are bumbed out that Daytona didn't start this week. On any day I can ask anyone of them how many days till the Indy 500, and they will fact it is posted on my son's fridge and changed each day!!

My first Indy 500...1946, my first Daytona? The last one on the beach 1958 which my best friend International Motor Sports Hall of Fame Driver Paul Goldsmith won. Goldie is 87, and is a very successful business man. Owns Griffith Airport, G & N Aircraft, and Griffith Aviation which is teaching Chinese students to become airline pilots for Eastern Airlines.

Once again, you have it right...having an opinion without being nasty makes this site....the best. Even Danica tweeted her approval!! No kidding! Here it is:

Danica Racing Online‏@danicaracing

Happy, happy, happy birthday @pressdog! Drink, ye Bastards! 🎉🍻


I hope your snow shoveling is about complete!!

Ted Wolfram

Indy needs to listen to this from Tim McGhee:

Chris Lukens

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm !?!
Danica gets divorced and she is labeled the skank-o-rama of the year.
Dario gets divorced and it is no big deal.


Is Dario dating another driver in Indycar? THEN he would qualify (possibly) for the Skank-o-rama you cited. (Love the term, it will become incorporated into my vocabulary of negative tributes.)

Frank Polack

Seeing that Dario's ex is a Hollywood darling of the left, I am surprised he wasn't skewered at all in the press.
As for the Tax Teat, I agree with several of the comments talking about "turning a profit". Studies show that new stadiums actually have no significant ROI to the communities they serve. Maintaining or improving one's facility is akin to maintaining or improving your retail store or hotdog cart. It's part of the cost of doing business. Let the free market figure it out..maybe someone like McDreamy and partners could pitch in and buy the place. There's plenty of investment money..leave my tax dollars alone!

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