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February 20, 2013


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Good Stuff...Big Grin over here in North Dallas County:)

Mark Wilkinson (@newtrackrecord)

I agree with your point about Danica not taking fans away from other NASCAR drivers. Those people never give up their drivers. They might add another driver to their list, but they will always remain loyal to their t-shirts. The NASCAR drivers may tire of her pub, but she doesn't threaten their fan bases.

The same thing wasn't true in IndyCar, though. Danica's popularity did take fans away from drivers. IndyCar's fan base was, and is, a very small pie. I think some IndyCar drivers and owners thought Danica was taking a slice that was just a little too big. That they were happy to see her go shows how short sighted the IndyCar series has been. Visibility is vital and NASCAR gets it. I hope IndyCar does, too.

Ted Wolfram

First I had a dram or two of Glenlivet last evening and it was "good"....I happen to prefer 14 year old Oban or as a second best Dalwhinnie, 15 year old, and then 12 year old Glenmorangie (Port,Sherry casks finished), but to racing stuff.

Danica was actually interviewed by the London Telegram!!

She is a sponsor's dream and NASCAR understands her value...if she wins Sunday....and she can if she can stay out of "the big one"...she well may...NASCAR will be the big winner.

IndyCar never understood how much she could have been to

And once again props to you....great site for real fans!!


One thing that helps Danica tremedously in Nascar is that Danica mania is just a different flavor from Junior mania.

Ron Ford

Leilani is a major babe and I wish her well. I am quite sure I would enjoy having a salad with her, although my idea of a vegan meal is catsup and pickles on my corn fed cheeseburger.

My dad alway told me that a consultant is simply someone from out of town. I think that is generally true. Hopefully, the PR Reps you speak of will bring some ideas of substance to Trackside.

A fine choice of beverage by the way. It finishes well. On these cold winter days a dollup of Gran Marnier neat will also warm the cockles of your heart.

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