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March 18, 2013


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Concerned Fan

She's the real deal. Beats the boys.

IndyCar's loss.


Congrads for a good result but after checking the facts this is NOT the real 12 Hrs of Sebring race we saw on Speed tv this weekend as check the results link and of course she isn't mentioned.

This IMSA GT3 class series is a semi pro league much like a ladder series, maybe like Indy Lights etc so congrads for the result, but Pippa Mann won the pole and went wire to wire and won that Indy Lights race yrs ago and where is she now despite a few chances in Indycar that didn't work out for her? My point is---any driver--let alone a female driver winning at a lessor series level doesn't guarantee a top ride, let alone a couple top 5's for Frieberg--but good luck anyway to her and once again not trying to diminish these results for her. The racing world is full of females who have good results and even win in lessor series but where are they in the top tier of racing like Indycar, Nascar, F1 or these top tier of 24 hr or 12 hr races like Lemans or Grand Am sports car series? It appears she has talent but others have shown that also and went no-where as it isn't easy for females to advance to the top tier of racing series and those are the facts. Good luck to her as maybe these type cars will be easier for her to get into the top tier of those series and we'll see her racing with the boys in the real 12 hr or 24 hr races at Lemans, Daytona etc as that would be interesting??

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