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March 05, 2013


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Short and Succinct: When my primary reason for employment was to reduce expenses for large companies...the first thing I did was eliminate the Consulting Budget. No ROI. Period.


I like the idea of lowering team payments in favor of bigger purses. I'd like to see a reduction in sanctioning fees based on marketing dollars spent by each venue. And I understand, with lights coming, why they might want a second race on the twisty course. (Personally I'd like to see the infield course lengthened and widened first, the heck with the golf course.)

But I think that (along with Pressdog) most P-dog readers could've made similar recommendations (i.e. "get a better network deal") for a whole lot less money.


Love the funky flow today Dogfather.

"Chortle-inducer.. on 11.
Holdingbackangle.. set to -1.
GeographicUmbrageLimiter.. removed."

Carry on.

Ted Wolfram

Hey Pressdog....we park and have parked for years at 25th and Georgetown, first house on 25th Street...stop by we arrive on Thursday from all over....including but not limited to California, NC, Texas, and Ohio...4 generations. I'll even pop for a dram or two of single malt of the better ones!

We of course have beer...lots and lots of stop by!!

An aside:

My eldest son...makes a killer that will bring tears to your eyes...twice!


As always love your posts. Very informative & insightful. Learned about other female racers I might not have known about, too. Well at least until they become famous :-). Also one of my Fav 'twitterers'. Even read them to my husband.


Ps....I've been known to unleash a few f*** & s*** words...mostly watching races or politicians on TV. However never take the Lord's name in vain. It is your blog to do with what you want....but only time you make me cringe rather than laugh or think.

Brian McKay in Florida

I'll watch Ashley Freiberg race a 911 at Sebring.
I hope to watch Shae Holbrook race a Civic or something at Saint Petersburg.
Maybe True Car's Scott Painter increased funding to Dragon Racing at the expense of women racers in lesser racing series.


Re: paying BCG for ideas that have been bouncing around blogs and forums for years, I can see why that is amusing/annoying, but there's also a big difference between a company like BCG vetting and reviewing and recommending an idea, and UncleBobby4Eva from Fort Wayne (first time poster, long time lurker) throwing it out there in a forum thread that was started to bemoan Buddy Lazier's lack of a full-time ride this season. Lots of good ideas have been suggested by otherwise unqualified people. Having a company with a track record of giving good and productive advice review everything and come up with a list of suggestions that will all work, and work together as a cohesive plan, is what you actually pay for. Because don't forget that UncleBobby4Eva from Fort Wayne's other suggestion in that thread was to put the engines back in front, add a summer race at the Fairgrounds, get rid of those darn electronics, and convince Schumacher (he spelled it Shumaker) to come run the 500.

The Speedgeek

Indy...Brew...Bus? I'm listening...

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