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April 25, 2013


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Ted Wolfram

She is very comfortable in her own skin, and she understands that she is fortunate to be where she is.

She brings fans, sells product, and is improving as a stockcar driver....what else does an owner really want??


Something most people don't get is how good a speaker she is and it shows as said, she is very comfortable doing so and her funny side is a big plus to that as well. In contrast pay attention to many other drivers when being interviewed etc, as a lot of them seem like they are coached as they sound like robots instead of just being themselves. Course in all fairness, Danica has had lots of practice doing so moreso then most probably her entire career. It was reported some drivers use cue cards etc when being interviewed or even tele-prompters telling them what to say to get it right--good grief--that's ridiculous. Course we know those things are used by Celebs/Hosts etc on alot of TV shows etc but for simple driver interviews, that's crazy.

Danica was also on the Today show this morning as there is a video of that also for those who want to see it in various news stories etc and on her own web page etc which posts links to those things quite often via facebook or twitter or just the link itself.

Wondering though what the occasion is by putting her on these TV shows again and mentioning Datyona etc unless this is just more PR for Godaddy, or maybe to draw attention away from the incident with the driver she had a tough time with the last race, who told her to shut up and drive. Danica said long ago, when she gets mad and says stuff she maybe shouldn't out of anger or frustration, it takes a lot of work, meaning other PR to draw attention away from that, although for her all PR is good for Godaddy.


Danica on the today show today link:

Danica will also be on a new show hosted by Robin Roberts soon per twitter.

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