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April 08, 2013


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Headers don't bring air into the engine. You must be looking at a definition for manifolds in general (intake and exhaust are totally different).. Headers are basically tubular exhaust manifolds, not really an "old school" term, just a racing/high performance term.


I defer to your wisdom, Ryan. Dario tweeted it was a "header (manifold)" and I went from there.


Great race! Lots of action all through the pack, but especially up front where it counts.

Domination of Dario over at long last? Maybe needs that X-wife back on the scene????

Vautier ran a great race as well, impressive resistance to pressure for a rookie.

On a marketing note, did anyone catch the adds NASCAR was running prior to the race? Highlighting the feuds between various drivers??? Fortunately there was no on track paybacks (at least that I saw in my limited peeks at the race).

Ted Wolfram

If there were 56,000 there they must all have been in the toilets everytime I could see the stands and some hillsides (which was few and far between), I'd guess about 30,000 at the most. If they were talking about the week-end....then that number might work. But it really makes no's the TV audience that counts....and it'll be at least tomorrow after noon...till we see them.

I intend to watch the race again.....but I was not thrilled watching it live.

I think Simona must have put TK's set-up package on her car for the race....since she was quick in practice...and rotten in the race.

Racecar Bob

I go back to Sid Collins and Barney Hall, and I am finding that Leigh Diffey is spoiling Indy Car (and F1) for me. It's not so much the constant yelling, although that is bad enough. It's injecting false drama ("JUSTIN WILSON IS STILL ANGRY FROM YESTERDAY!! HE'S OUT TO GET TAKUMA SATO!!) No he's not. If a race driver stayed mad like that he'd be out of racing or dead. And "JOE BACKMARKER IS HAVING A FANTASTIC DRIVE!! HE'S COME FROM 23RD ALL THE WAY TO 18TH!!" Never mind that five cars have fallen out in front of him. "CAN MARVIN MIDFIELD MAKE HIS WAY TO THE LEAD??? WE'LL FIND OUT!!" Only Todd Harris was worse. I'll go so far as to say, bring back Marty Reid. Well, maybe not.


Great race--again--your kidding right? Long stints without cautions lead to boring races once again. You want a great race to watch it was in Nascar at Martinsville yesterday as even some Nascar naysayers said it was great--for a change.

Also back to making lame excuses for Simona--shes where she usually is and those are the facts except for certain tracks that she finds easy and those are few & far between although with the chevy engine she should be doing better. Oh well I see Indycar is probably begging or more likely paying some media to give Hinch more hype again on the SPEED network shows even finishing last--good grief--who do they think he is as his green car isn't the one that mainstream America cares about--oh well Indycar keep trying. Course many of these Speed shows wont be around much longer due to low ratings as the newly name Fox 2 network or ?? hasn't mentioned these shows included in their new programming starting around Aug or so? Too bad as I kind of liked the Speed hr as gave us all the info on racing everywhere so maybe, but reports say Windtunnel is gone for sure?

Hate to see Dario having all these issues but most say he may retire after this yr so maybe that's best but the season is far from over even as short as it is. BTW some here dissing Dario a multi time champion only shows the low class of some Indycar fan posters here-- but whats new as many rag on successfull or popular drivers but boast about those who do little to nothing in Indycar or nothing to help it--think about it?

No not all negative as the bright light here is the rookie Vautier for a change--too bad that he isn't an American driver as that's what the series needs instead of all these foreign drivers that most could care less about and that's obvious. RHR winning again yeh that'll help the series? Fans and viewers want an underdog to root for, mainly a young American underdog--where are they--oh wait--Nascar?


This was an interesting and entertaining race. One disappointment that hopefully the IndyCar PR group can work on--to try and get the race results on the ESPN screen crawl. I watched the Sunday night baseball telecast and for 3 hours that crawl never included one word about IndyCar, but of course had plenty on the NASCAR results (including Patrick's 12th place finish). It would certainly help in the never-ending quest to build a fan base if at least IndyCar could make it to the news crawl. It wouldn't seem that big of a stretch since ABC covers IndyCar (at least partially) and ESPN and ABC are affiliated. Just an opinion...


Lord knows I crank on stuff now and then, Vern, but if the races are boring to you and it's just a Festival of Negative Reactions my advice is to stop watching. Life is too short. I'm not aware of an outpouring of anti-Dario comments here. Just ridiculing IndyCar for their shortcomings doesn't really accomplish anything positive and doesn't much add to the discussion, IMO.

The Speedgeek

There's no seating in Turn 5 at Barber because there is literally no room for any seating directly adjacent to Turn 5. The way the track loops in on top of itself there puts the Turn 5 area directly between the front straight and the back straight, so there's only like 50 yards of grass on either side of the turn, i.e. not enough for seating plus any way to get to said seating (let alone concessions, Port-O-Johns, etc). On the other hand, I found out last year that Turn 5 is clearly visible from both the woods off the back straight (after the flat-out chicane just after the Museum) and also from the hillside above the Carousel area just before "Pit In". It's pretty crazy how much of the track you can actually see at Barber, since from just about every spectator area, you can see the cars in 2-3 different parts of the lap. Seriously, 'Dog, you should find a way to get down there sometime. It's basically impossible to overstate what a great fan experience Barber is (said by a guy who adores Road America and Iowa Speedway nearly equally as my 2nd and 3rd favorite tracks behind Indy).

On the other hand, what the heck, vern? Bagging on Speed's decision to have Hinch as their (very capable and very entertaining) driver analyst, and therefore giving him more attention...than, who, exactly? The 25 other drivers who are not their driver analyst (and therefore are not the ones selected to give their insights to every race)? Bagging on Simona for having exactly one mid-field race with her new Chevy engine (as if we got any kind of consistent representation of her possible talent level driving a Lotus or driving an old, overweight, underfunded HVM car)? Bagging on "no American drivers" when we are now up to 8 in the field (4 of whom were in the top-10), plus 6 more drivers who speak English as their native tongue? Come on. Sorry if you didn't care for the race (I thought it was a solid 7 out of 10 myself), but if you really can't stand all of that stuff, maybe there's other stuff you'd prefer to do with your time.

The Speedgeek

For the record, 'Dog, not to put my nose up your keister there, but your comment hadn't yet posted before I started my epic comment-tome. Sorry for re-treading the same "live and let live" ground you just much more succinctly covered. Oh, and great comments as always. Many thanks to you. [removes nose from Pressdog's keister, this time for real...for now]


A billionty trillion dollars to the person who figures out how to get Mothership ESPN to pay attention to IndyCar outside of Indy.


A billionty trillion IndyCarFanBucks to the person who figures out how to get Mothership ESPN to pay attention to IndyCar outside of Indy.


Great stuff PDog! I was on the road and missed the race. I would have traded place's with those folks that could invest the time to watch...only to complain. Perhaps they should send IndyCar a script..and we can watch the same race..over and over again... Thanks for all your hard work! (and bringing your humor to the show) :)

Ted Wolfram

Isn't it fascinating that we spend time arguing about this driver, that driver, and not a word about the cars.

Open wheel racing was always about the cars. The cars used at Indy were often "one off" Indy only cars. Today we've lost 2/3 of the appeal...visual and audio, (different looks and different sounds)!

I think Simona will do just fine. She has talent, and if she listens to her engineer, and forgets what everyone else'll not be long till she will be up near the front on a regular basis.


Speedgeek has the Turn 5 viewing situation described to perfection. The only thing that is tough to find a good general admission viewing spot for at Barber is the pits.

Some interesting statistics in regards to the opening chapter of the novel Vern posted above:

Sunday's Martinsville Cup race had twice as many lead changes as the Indycar race did, in a race that was roughly twice as long.

The pole sitter of both races won, and led more than half of the laps in each race.

The margin of victory in the NASCAR race? .627 seconds
Indycar? .636 seconds.

Eric Karashinski

Was listening to the Verizon IndyCar 13 app while watching on tv just to listen to in-car radio transmissions. Someone said "what's the over-under on this Vautier/Kimball fight ending in contact? Beer spew. Glad it did not happen. Charlie was a Ninja this race! Vautier is fearless and the real deal as well.


Pressdog I sense a quiet evolutionary progression of you to someone who can see the science and beauty of road racing.


Pdog, I want to thank you for all the work you do, especially the race notes. Since I rarely get to here the commentary, your insights provide me with an idea of what was said, what needed to be said, and what questions I wasn't asking myself during the race. Thanks.

Also, I'm going to post a link to your stuff to the Indycar community on Google+. Just to let you know.


Appreciate the shout outs. SOCSeven: you're correct in that I used to scoff at twisty racing, but when IndyCar started doing them (how many years ago) I started acquiring a taste for them. I like to think of my self as oval/non-oval bi-brained. I appreciate both genres for somewhat different reasons. crazyfbs: thanks. The only reason I do this blog essentially for free is to entertain myself (primarily) and others. Always great to hear from someone who enjoys it. For those who don't (and certainly there are many of those), no hard feelings, please find something you do enjoy and do/read that. Post away on Google+. I'm honored by your postage.


"and for 3 hours that crawl never included one word about IndyCar, but of course had plenty on the NASCAR results (including Patrick's 12th place finish). --"

Really--complaining about Danica's great finish being on the ESPN crawl and other news--do you know who she is and what she brings for media and networks and now Nascar? She is on all the news if she finishes last simply because those who follow her are millions and they WANT to know. The same can NOT be said about anything Indycar other then getting mentioned/covered on the low rated Speed network as they have to cover all speed sports. So be happy with that and quit using Danica as any comparison regarding Indycar coverage because there is no comparison even close regarding her coverage vs Indycar or truthfully most other nascar drivers as well.

Also calling Hinch an expert anylists etc your kidding right? I heard him trying to explain F1 a week or so ago as they fed him info and he still muffed it up like the amateur he is at knowledge and speaking as if he has to have cue cards to do simple interviews that's laughable in itself. Even Hornish is drawing criticism by fans watching him on the Speed center etc act like hes an expert stuttering and stammering as they feed him info and he cant get it right. Bottom line is not everyone can be on TV and look good and sound professional doing so. That's why not everyone can be hosts or anchors/anylists etc. Hornish has been doing this quite a while now and Hinch was new at it but neither of these guys are very good at it for sure but Speed is so low rated apparently they cant get anyone else, but no ones watching anyway so who cares?

Like Ive said before if Indycar fans are happy then so be it but my comments is what Iam seeing although most don't agree that's your choice. I promise if/when I see some great racing from indycar I will say so, as I did say I was impressed about the rookie Vautier didn't I?.

The Speedgeek

Credit to you, vern. Yes, you did say you were impressed with Vautier. However, that was literally the only even semi-positive thing you've had to say about IndyCar in the comments here in, like, weeks. If you are hacked off about Hinch's and Sam's performance on Speed's news shows, then you must just have impossibly high standards. I count myself as pretty hyper-critical of the talking heads that appear on most racing shows (for instance, as much as I enjoy Robin Miller, I think he's nearly hopeless on TV...and I even thought Bob Varsha was awful in my early F1 watching days of 1991 to about 1993, though I think he’s the best in the business nowadays), but I think that Sam and Hinch do just fine. Are they properly trained as TV journalists? Lord, no. They're racing drivers. The fact that they can talk in complete sentences 95+% of the time and be at least semi-entertaining 50+% of the time puts them in pretty elite company among racers (there is no reward on the stop watch for a quick wit or the ability to correctly conjugate a verb, to be sure). The fact that they can lend their own current experience to the conversation, that's what makes them valuable. Well, unless you want to take them to task about flubbing the teleprompter once or twice a show. In that case, they're hacks. Whatever.

The point that I think Carburetor was trying to make above was that ESPN/ABC is allegedly a "partner" of IndyCar racing (so said the press release during the last contract renewal). For somebody who is supposed to have a vested interest in the long-term viability of IndyCar, they sure show a very low level of interest. Meanwhile, we (good, bad or indifferent, though I think I know which ends of the spectrum you and I probably lie) get to hear about every last detail of what Danica does on the track every week, and usually on the ticker every 5-6 minutes. That's frustrating to folks who want to hear about more than just one driver (and a lot of NASCAR fans are starting to learn this more with every passing day, from what I hear). Yes, your girl Danica is the 800 pound gorilla of the Motorsports News Universe, and so she deserves to get at least her fair share of coverage (plus several other drivers' shares as well), but as far as ESPN is concerned, the score is Danica - 1,432,987...IndyCar - 0. Again, that's frustrating. Folks aren't asking for a race recap at the top of the hour on SportsCenter, but could we see a winner on a crawl from time to time, maybe?

Look, our core point is this (or, at least my core point): if I were going on blogs and spending 95+% of my time complaining about something for months on end, I'd probably just stop doing that thin. I've got a job to do, kids (plural, soon) to play with, friends to interact with, other interests to pursue. There's only so much pleasure that can be derived from beating the dead horse of unfulfilled expectations. If you really can't stand 95+% of what's going on in IndyCar, then I'd have to say that the balance is not going to swing back into your favor in time for you to not see that you've wasted a chunk of your life posting snarky comments about a type of racing that can do no right in your eyes. Maybe it's time to just move on and concentrate on NASCAR and Danica. Enjoy. Seriously. Life's too short not to.


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