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April 23, 2013


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Ted Wolfram

You make so much sense......but when it comes to are probably wasting your breath.

I have time after time...tried to explain that she is a good (not yet great) driver, and her records are voluminous and excellent. An example: Her record at Indy are actually very good, and she is breaking new ground in NASCAR.

But with her popularity (as you stated) brings a lot of "haters" (for many reasons) and when for example Simona finishes 9th it is great...when Danica's the car, the team, and "why didn't she win"???

I cheer for all the gals....they are competing in a man's sport..and the rules are skewed toward men. Real men should applaud them....they bring more eyes to the TV, and butts to the seats...which pays the boys, and pays them damned well.

Ron Ford

I thought I enjoyed the Long Beach race. Now I'm not so sure. Apparently it was not organic.


Regarding Danica and her idiot CC in my opinion--very seldom do we see a car pit to lose a piece of paper on the grill, they just find another car and draft it off. In her case no one close was in front so have her slow down and get passed then pull up and draft the paper off dummy, instead of making her pit and lose 2 laps. Dumbest thing I ever saw with a veteran CC. Course I will say "shut up and drive" also to her and qwuit whining about everything and the guys picking on her course her boss and team owner cries about being blocked, so "monkey see monkey do" may fit here, so still stupid, but its still attention for Godaddy regardless? This team and Its bad stategy in many areas, this paper crap, & not good at getting her laps back like other cars around her are better at etc, is hurting her worse then her lack of experience in these new cars. Those who watch her pit stops, a 4 tire stop is always at least 2+ seconds off the top times and that's not competitive for the $$'s Godaddy pays. She should have the 48 pit crew for crying out loud, instead of left overs like the old 78 team she has, and an old CC who should have retired yrs ago and why Newman threw a party when he heard he was done with him--2 wins in 4yrs is NOT a great CC--hello. Hendricks equip cant fix a bad car and a bad CC--period Don't mention Daytona as entirely different.

AS said it was nice to hear a small team won the race in Indycar for a change. Far as car count at the Indy500, its losing its luster and its showing not to mention high costs but Iam sure the big teams will throw more drivers in their cars to make it better for qualifying etc. If not, it is what it is--no ratings info yet or did I miss it--not that it matters as indycar & fans will find a reason to bragg about it--regardless??

BTW Danicas haters only look like many because most her fans don't bother on forums and comments after articles or social media as they ignore them as she does. Facts are--she wouldnt be who she is or as popular or even close, if she had as many haters as it seems? It just seems like she has lots of haters as they are the few who always show up to hate and do so repeatedly to look like more then their really is when in reality they are like a few pebbles on the beach, compared to all her real fans who ARE the beach and ignore the few nasty pebbles.


I don't know how you write anything at all when you limit yourself to one cup of coffee.

Indycar's schedule is woeful. A whisper of a race in St. Pete to "open" the season. Then a week or two off, just messin' around. A race in Barber, then another week off to make internet videos or something. Long Beach. Then a week or two off before a race in a far-away land. Then, several weeks later, eventually Indy. Never before have so many race cars made so little noise. Most folks probably don't know the season has started yet and probably assume the 500 is the first race of the year. This is a very unenthusiastic schedule. Evidently designed by someone who only has one cup of coffee a day.

And also Dog--the perfect cup of coffee has cream in it. Whole milk is okay also.

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