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April 19, 2013


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That sibling (Indy) may get a nicer car than the other siblings because that (Indy) sibling works to support the entire family.

It's always made sense to me that--since a huge investment was made in the interior track--that it be used for something. I'm not sure how many fans will actually attend, but it's worth a try.

H.B. Donnelly

The Indianapolis 500 is the event it is because of the history. People flock to the track on Memorial Day Sunday because that's just what you're supposed to do around here. Miles' idea smacks of "We want a new tradition and we want it NOW!" Those "great crowds" of 35- or 40,000 that road courses boast on race days will sure look good in a 250,000-seat stadium...

I hope Roger Penske remembers that one time that IndyCar had a leader who wanted to get s**t done and the Penskes, Ganassis, Kalkhovens, etc. of the world drove him off to run a TV station in Omaha.


A road race at IMS would certainly get my only-two-hours-away-from-Indy attention. (I'll just drink a few beers so the cars don't look quite so fat and ugly. Kind of like what I do at a middle-aged mixer. Oh, lighten up!) They do need to think of a way to use the road course more. They're certainly not keen (yet) to open it up to club racing (SCCA, marque clubs, driving schools, etc.).

It will be interesting to see if 2014 is the last year for MotoGP at IMS, or if MotoGP will renew their contract. All of the manufacurers in MotoGP are fine with three races in the US, as will be the case this year (the MotoGP race in Austin is this weekend, Laguna Seca in July, and Indy in August), since it is the biggest single market for their products, so at least that is promising.

My worry is that the attendance for an IMS IdyCar road race would be low. Even if you get a good crowd of 80k people, like at the MotoGP, it still seems small in that gigantic venue. And, I'm not sure an IndyCar road race at IMS would draw nearly that many people, anyway. Also, the timing would be difficult. Once past Labor Day it's all football, baby. So, at least make sure you don't schedule a race on a home weekend for the Colts, or Notre Dame, or Purdue...

The Speedgeek

I get what they're thinking ("it's a chance for an extra race at a great venue, that has an effective zero dollar sanctioning fee!"), and I understand the desire to use your main asset (IMS) more, since it's already paid for and all, but like you guys, I have my doubts as to how a season finale on the road course will actually go over. Like you all mention, it would have no date equity or past history, so your out-of-towner crowd would probably be a fraction of what the 500 gets (especially after Year 1). Multiple trips to Indy with the associated flight/gas/hotel type costs...I'd rather do the 500 and pick one other race somewhere else to go to (hi, Newton! Or Barber!) than spend all my annual discretionary wad in one locale. That's just me, but I have an idea I'm not alone. Sure, you may get a strong local crowd, but unless you can pack the day with other action (undercard races, concerts) and/or offer the tix up for cheap (like, best seats in the house for $80, down to GA on race day for $20), even the locals will probably stay away.

Yep, I'd rather they build up some other race as a new "traditional" finale. Fontana was pretty incredible last year. Let's keep with that for a few years and see where we can go, no?


I agree dog and I am from Indianapolis. Also the course is to slow and we need to keep the 500 a prestigous(sp?)event. Definetely need more races preferably ovals like Michigan and need the season to last into late september/early October. They said season ending at Indy before Labor day. That would give 6 months of off season. Anyway I just thought I'd give my 2 cents worth.


A RC finale--more desperate measures from those in Indycar who really haven't got a clue. Why not just dump all the other tracks and run an Indy race every week? The fans at Indy alone aren't going to to help Indycar grow as they cant be a one group fans base or it wont grow beyond that, course--it isn't.

Also remember F1 doesn't have the fans here in the USA as most their fan base is overseas where they race the most and have the most supporters, therefore ratings not being that good here maybe the issue? The idiot execs at NBC who would rather have infomercials on their major network on the weekends as I see a lot, and put auto racing on the invisible network NBCSN is the dumbest thing Ive ever seen which only cost them ratings and a lot of them as on network TV the ratings would get at least a million+ watching Id say vs the few they get now.

About Penske penalties--GOOD and Brad k should have got suspended also for his arrogant big mouth but Nascar is far from consistent as most are saying now, as they penalized Hamlin for saying less.


I remember back in '93 (I think) when Nascar stopped by Indy to do some tire testing. For me, that was the beginning of the end for Indycar.

I've seen the Brickyard 400. BORING! I've seen F1 at Indy. BORING! I've seen more Indy 500s than I can even remember. EXCITING!

Things are what they are and I'll take whatever comes down the pike. Love the ovals. Hate the road/street.

If they decide to use the Speedway for a road race, I'll probably go just to say that I did AND to take photos. But it won't stand in my way of going to the 500. Wild horses wouldn't either.

Good points pdog. I hope they get it all sorted out someday. Until then, we still have some good racing. Albeit, mostly on ovals.


Another potential obstical to ending the season at the Indy RC would be the series sponsors and partners. Would they be willing to pony up the big bucks for another weekend at Indy?

IndyCar makes some coin off of the corperate hospitality suites and catering. Will those companies, or any other ones, be willing to pay that twice in one year? Add in the costs of the hotel rooms downtown, buses and police escorts to raceday and i don't see this happening.

Tom G.

Why stop with an IMS road race? Hell, run 2 races at Lucas Oil Speedway on their Oval and Road course too, then toss in a few races on the dirt ovals at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, and Anderson Indiana. End the season with a temporary street circuit around the parking lot at Lucas Oil Stadium and they won't even have to leave town! Think of the savings on hotel & gas for the race teams.

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