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May 11, 2013


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Ok so a question for those in the know about this gal. Since she is having some success in this lower tier series, does anyone expect she will try for a ride in a top series soon or is she happy where she is? Not criticizing just wondering, as lots of females have success in lower series but even those have a tough time making it to a top series and achieving anything or lasting very long with few exceptions. Simona is FT in Indycar and Ana PT at times but where is Pippa and we know about Legge etc. In Nascar we have Johanna PT and of course Danica FT and in trucks there were several PT as well like Ali Owens that didn't last and of course still around PT Jo Cobb as well. This shows how tough it is for females in auto racing--getting to and lasting in the top levels of a male dominated sport showing it isn't easy.

How to fix it is the issue or many may say they don't want or need females in their sport, so for now they are getting their wishes as there are so few. There are several young girls though maybe upcoming that may choose indycar or in nascar there are several daughters of big Nascar Champions or those with famous bloodlines like Earnhart etc who will have all the advantages needed if they choose to tackle auto racing at the top in the coming yrs?

Good Luck to Ashley as auto racing needs more females in it, but its also for sure, its NOT easy for females to get to the top series. Therefore if they are happy where they are at and having success, it may be better to stay where they are as being at or near the top series is clearly tough for females as history continues to show.

The Speedgeek

Well, vern, this is all a total guess, since I've never talked to or even met Ashley, but my guess is that she's not exactly content with GT3 Cup (by all accounts, a feeder series to the bottom-run GT-C class of ALMS) as a "career destination". She's 21 years old, and this is her first season driving anything with a roof over hear head. For somebody, ANYBODY, of that age, the sky is basically the limit, right? Who's to say that she couldn't find her way into a GT-C car by the end of the season or in 2014, and then if she impresses, she could wind up (again, all of this is hypothetical) a Porsche-assisted driver in a GT car in the new combined USCR sports car series, or maybe even a prototype. Were she to impress at that level (again, we could still be talking about somebody who is 25 or 26 years old), even IndyCar might not be out of the question (P1 and P2 prototypes are a good breeding/holding ground for the tyes of drivers who might want to step into an IndyCar; Ryan Briscoe, after all, is driving a P2 prototype at Laguna Seca this very weekend).

Point being, speculating about where somebody who is only 21 years old and has only spent 2 years in any kind of semi-visible feeder series is sort of pointless. My guess is that if she proves to be a winner, she'll move up. If she wins some more, she'll move up again. Like any other racing driver would. I seriously just don't think that the gender part of the equation has much to do with anything anymore. Sponsors want a smart, articulate winner. Plain and simple.


She is doing the transition that tons of other kids do when they drop off of the open wheel ladder at a young age. Alot of them have great careers in sports cars due to that fine touch that they picked up in open wheel. At 21 she definitely hasn't reached her plateu, especially if she gets more comfortable driving GT3s, where there are rides everywhere on the planet.

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