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May 14, 2013


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Think you got your dates mixed up? Monaco is next weekend, same as Indy 500.


I believe it has already been announced that the boost increase for Indianapolis qualifying will be in place again this year, and that the increase will be the same as it was last year.

And I thought Monaco was the same day as Indy.

The Speedgeek

Ditto the note on Monaco being next weekend (just to pile on). Also ditto on the note that boost is getting the 10kPa (I think) bump for Fast Friday and qualifying only, though speeds should be up over last year, simply because the engines make a little more power this year (a year of learning and development and all of that...also, anybody notice how many fewer engine changes/penalties there have been this year vs. last year? This is how engine development works in a brand new formula). I wish the higher boost were retained for the whole month, but it sounds like it's just not feasible at the mileage and engine price targets. Oh, well. Que sera, sera. Should still be a pretty riveting couple weeks ahead.


May 26, one of the best racing viewing days; Monaco GP, Indy 500, and Coca-Cola 600 into the night.


Sorry to be the spoiler again but a "boost" c'mon, isn't this an auto race or should we allow jet engines as well on cars? One engine with limited designed horsepower and a certain gear limit and let them race and if no one can pass--well-- there was passing before yrs ago without the phony "boost" or push to pass which in my opinion is a joke.

Why is it auto racing has become a carnival of tricks and gimmicks to add excitement--or does it?? Maybe Nascar should allow the push to pass button with the nitro blast like weve seen in some good car chase movies as wouldn't that be exciting--Good grief.

As Ive said whats happened to good racing without the gimmicks as nowdays its not real racing anymore in my opinion.

Also yes--Darlington WAS a joke of a race and a snoozfest till near the end like usual. A follow the leader parade for all those green flag laps and they call that racing--its not. Just tune in the last 20-30 minutes and catch more action then wasting 3-4 hrs on the bleachers or over 8 hrs at Dega previously, course it had big crashes which the sicko fans like as well.

Nascar/Indycar etc thinks they know what the fans want but they cant see what they really want and thats racing for the lead and not just the final laps but lead changes throughout the race and we seldom see that much anymore until the end as mentioned. Oh wait I guess big crashes work as well for the fans and Nascar has plenty of those but not at Darlington--Oh oh --what will the ratings be?

BTW--re Darlington & Danica & most other races with 2 exceptions --Danica is showing more & more she either doesnt belong in this series or this team is really lousy at her car setup? Anyone else seeing her signing with a big name team like SHR isn't helping her? Most every pit stop her crew is 2-3+ seconds off the leaders? Also Hendricks equip doesn't matter if the car setup is crap. Shes a cash cow for the sponsors and they don't think her finishes matter, but they do, and they'll find that out soon enough if she doesn't do better--inside info--believe it or not?

BTW Pressdog why bother mentioning Legge finishing 3rd out of 4 cars, but one had problems and was out of the race, so in reality she just finished last among cars on the track at the end--just saying? You should be a promoter Pressdog as you always have the right thing to say with your colorfull comments and explanations though-- so all good.


Every so often Monaco is NOT the same weekend as Indy. The date for Monaco is set by counting weeks after Easter, Indy by when mem day weekend falls which is set as the last Monday in May. Once in a while, those dates dont align. Not sure if this year is an anomaly year or not.


Hasn't racing always been about gimmicks? Side cockpits, 12 cyl. engines, giant wings, five or six wheels, turbines, rear-view mirrors, and those short-lived "rear engines."

Maybe the shortened "month of May" will be reduced to a weekend soon, Dog, and you won't be made to feel so out of the loop. But for me the gradual build-up to the Greatest Spectacle In Racing is all a part of the historical significance of the event. And it's cool.


Vern, the "boost" in question (intake pressure of the turbocharger) has kinda been around a while. I'm not sure it's anymore phony than fuel injection...

The gimmick, of course, is that the extra boost "artificially" inflates qualifying speeds. This would bother me more if things like low downforce qualifying trim and 5-lap fuel loads did not also push qualifying speeds well above what will be run in the race.

The Speedgeek

JP, I distinctly being at the Speedway on a Bump Day Sunday in about '98 or so, watching part of Monaco live from a Sony PlayStation demo trailer. It was the year of the super sharp looking all-black Arrows cars (driven by Mika Salo and Pedro Diniz, maybe? Too lazy to pull up a Google). So, yeah, it happens sometimes that Monaco and Indy aren't on the same day.

Also...sigh. Never change, vern. Never change.

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