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May 20, 2013


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Tropical Slim

This weekend I had a little issue that forced me to spend Friday thru Sunday inside mostly so I watched some parts, but not all, of the three days racing events on television.

My one negative comment: Leigh Diffey, Will Buxton and the Waltrip brothers try to hard to make unexciting moments exciting. We do have eyes and can see for ourselves. Quit yelling so much.

The fast nine qualifying at Indy and the qualifying for the Showdown in Charlotte were the most exciting part of the racing weekend for me. Ed Carpenter was just amazing and its good for the sport that he is the pole sitter. Seeing the Spring Cup cars come into the pits at 150 mph was good stuff. It's dangerous for the crews with a full field but better than watching them poking in and out of the pits at 60 or so in any series.

Watched some of the first day qualifying at Indy and some of the two Sprint Cup races but neither kept me glued to the screen for very long at a time. There were a few tense moments in first day qualifying but it was a given they would make the field so that took a lot away from it. I never thought Jourdain would ever make the field.

The V8 Supercars in Austin were pretty impressive. Not a lot of slam bang action, which there usually is, but those cars on that incredible circuit kept me quite entertained and the track and facilities are first class. It makes Indianapolis look a bit antiquated. Personally I really like the cars and series best.

Best fashion moment of the weekend was Townsend Bell's hat. How nice to see something more original than a baseball hat. Most people don't look very good wearing BB hats anyway and it a little variety in headwear is not a bad thing.

In today's economy can anyone really afford to field a car in any series if it is not guaranteed to make the field?

Thankfully next weekend I can get outside and can tape everything and watch it on my own time.


5 Andretti's and 3 Penske's in the top ten: I'd say the death star is alive and well.

Watched bits and pieces Saturday and Sunday, DeFerran's comments were riveting in their calm but intense understated manner. I actually found myself listeneing more closely to his comments, as opposed to cringing at having to listen to a guy like DW's overhyped BS, usually over nothing.


Ed! I'm pumped! Can't wait till Sunday and watching him lead the field into turn one. Should be a great race. The Hondas will be stronger than practice and qualifications, especially the Ganassi twins (triplets?). Several hard chargers though the field. Perhaps the best of all is none other than Ed!

Phil Kaiser

Jourdain Qualifying Correction: I'm pretty sure Jourdain made a couple of Qualification runs on Saturday and ran 220 in one and 219 in the other.

Ron Thompson

Hey Pressdog, did you win or lose at the Miss Marquette?

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