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May 25, 2013


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Leigh O'Gorman

Have fun Bill.


(Re: Indy is Big) Every time I have ever gone to a sporting event Live for the 1st time, my 1st impression was always "It looks a lot smaller in person than on TV". Last year, I went for the first time in my life (after watching on TV since 1973) ...and my first impression was "Oh My God..this place is bigger than it is on TV". Even if someone was not a race fan, they should go to the Indy 500 at least once. Great read PDog and thanks.


I'll be in turn one dude, but I'm too techno-challenged to listen to a scanner and tweet and such. Both eyes will be in full bug-eye status and camera will be at hand. Will be in gas alley after permitting. Have fun!


have fun...,

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