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June 11, 2013


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I don't want to criticize Indycar too much actually. I think they are trying to be relevant. It's just that there's not really a big audience anymore for it. The reasons are innumerable and have been hashed and rehashed here, there and everywhere. Even Nascar--while much better in ratings--seems to be suffering from a lack of butts in seats as well. Miles will have to pull some large rabbits out of hats in order to make Indycar's EKG start to beep a bit quicker.

But I still like it.

Concerned Fan

They may have gotten a larger share if a big hockey playoff game hadn't been on at the same time... but that's just the way it goes. I would guess that if ABC are happy with the rating, it is because 1) they were paid by INDYCAR, and 2) they could have done worse.

The real question is whether INDYCAR got their money's worth. It's probably going to be their second biggest audience, and 1.4 is a lot better than what they've been getting on NBCSN... but after spending something like a million and a half dollars to get the time slot, they blew a technical decision and put on a race that only a hardcore fan could love (not this hardcore fan).

The .7 for the Saturday Duel in Detroit was double the rating for what ABC showed in that time slot last year, so for them it is quite possible to get .7 and call that progress. I'll bet they are even more happy with that than they are with the race in Texas.

Ron Ford

I will simply echo what redcar has said above. The way that people watch entertainment of any kind and when they watch it is changing rapidly. Most of that change is being driven by the internet, as is much of our daily lives. In my opinion, the big loser as everything shakes out will be cable as most TV offerings are now available within a day or two on the internet for free, though not ad free.

Thus, many fans who watch a race later are not counted in the ratings. In Europe it is virtually impossible to watch a IndyCar race live so they rely on the "Indysnake" who uploads the races to YouTube. I watch them that way myself if they are not on network TV and I can do it as my schedule permits. None of that shows up on the ratings, but you can believe that advertisers are looking at all this closely to see how they should spend their advertising dollars in the future.

Still, there is nothing like being at the race and I will be in the stands at the wonderful Milwaukee Mile friday and saturday.


Yeah, I sense a general disinterest in all TV sports entertainment. Maybe it's the bazillions of commercials that ruin a show, maybe it's the internet, maybe it's the 800 cable channels that offer too much choice. I don't know.

All in their 30's, my daughter watches nothing, my son-in-law watches nothing except movies, my son watches the odd hockey game and my daughter-in-law watches nothing.

I gave them free tickets to an Indycar race a few years ago and ..... nothing. Their lives offer too much to even be bothered with the cottage.

When I was a kid every one of us worked on cars - because you could - and it became a passion. These days you open the hood of a car & go WTF?? and close it again. My kids cars are appliances, they all look the same, drive the same and have the same personality (grey plastic).

Maybe FTG just hastened the inevitable by 20 years but if Indycar goes away what am I left with? NASCAR? Gawd!


Still a garbage rating for any broadcast on a national tv network. I posted in another thread that was deleted apparently as facts & truth isn't welcome here anymore, that the NNs race was rained out so no competition from Nascar either. Also still bragging about a .07 for the previous race--get real --that's pure garbage from national TV also, and those making excuses about the ratings and how inaccurate they are--get real-- as that's what sponsors care about for sure. Course when a sponsor pays 100K for 30 seconds for a Cup race with 6 million viewers they get their moneys worth of attention and exposure. The sponsors probably only pay $10K to ABC for that same time frame commercial during a low rated Indycar race do to the low visability and lack of exposure they're getting in comparison for the Indycar race. You can bet the farm that matters to the networks as to what they can charge, or more importantly what little the sponsors will pay for low rated shows.

NO show on National network TV would last with even double those low ratings so indycar days are numbered for sure and its only a matter of time before Indycar is probably only on pay per view--if even that. watch & see?


Jayski is reporting NASCAR on FOX has highest TV ratings of an in-season sport for the past 13 years. Averaging a 4.8 per race this year. #2 in ratings for men 18-49.

The Speedgeek

Several quick things:

1) Deleted, vern? Please. Has that ever been the way Pressdog has operated? If anything, it was the over active spam filter (see a post from last week about that). Also, you keep saying "bragging about .07 at Detroit". It's 0.7, and nobody's bragging, just saying that it is literally a larger number than last year's Detroit number. That's not "bragging", that's "math".

2) I threw this out there on Twitter, and maybe I'll yet look for this tonight, but (like Pressdog) I'm so bored of talking about TV numbers I probably won't, but Saturday nights are not known for their high ratings in general. It'd be interesting to see how Texas stacked up against everything else in the same time slot or (H/T to JPIndycar on this) to whatever ABC usually puts on from 8:00 to 11:00 on a Saturday night. Not making excuses, because 1.0 on network TV is still not very good, but you have to put numbers in perspective with other comparable numbers. That's how they work.

3) OK, that's actually it. I ran out of steam pretty quick there. It's getting harder and harder to have the same old arguments/discussions on the same old topics with the same folks. I won't blame you one bit if you step back for a bit, Bill. I'd say you've earned it. Enjoy life, buddy. It's short.


As Speedgeek says, I don't delete comments. I've deleted maybe five since 2005. I am having trouble with my spam filter snagging legit comments -- including my own! -- so some comments will seemingly post and then disappear. I try to go in and restore comments as often as I think of it. Your comment should be back in the thread where you posted it, Vern. I apologize for the goof spam filter. My hosting service is working on it.

Concerned Fan

@vern: Sorta missing the point. ABC doubled their ratings for the time slot that the #1 race in Detroit was shown in over last year. The point being that just because they are happy doesn't necessarily mean IndyCar is happy.

Still, even at a lowly .7 it is a far bigger audience than the Series gets on NBCSN.

Comparing to NASCAR, etc. is mostly a pointless exercise. Everybody knows that IndyCar's audience needs to grow. What other sporting events are able to get ratings-wise only shows where the ceiling might be.

IndyCar is cheaper than NASCAR. They don't need to get NASCAR numbers to be a viable Series, but they obviously have to do a lot better than they are doing now.

The biggest issue for IndyCar continues to be very small numbers on NBCSN that just don't seem to move. That holds true for most programming on NBCSN whether it is Dan Patrick, Bob Costas, or IndyCar.

From a sponsorship point of view, IndyCar effectively has a 5 event schedule, that is carried on ABC.


If Zap2It's tvbythenumbers blog is to be believed, ABC drew an average of 2.65 million viewers in the same time slot (8:30-11:00) last year.
In the time slot last year were reruns of "Concert for the Queen: A Diamond Jubilee Celebration" and "Secret Millionaire".

Personally, I think doubling the Detroit race rating via a prime time slot is fair, or about what I expected. If the series does this again next year, they will need to do better.
If the prime time race kept some sponsor logos on cars, then it was probably worth whatever $ Indycar gave back to ABC to make it happen.


If my comments in other threads aren't deleted then where are they as several posted just fine, until they were removed somehow a short time later. I realise its not friendly here to not agree that Indycar is great and even embarrassing ratings are great etc but my comments aren't based on anything other then facts which is based on info and low ratings despite excuses are still low ratings. That means not many or certainly not enough fans care to watch and that's NOT a good thing for any network especially a major network like ABC. My comment that was deleted from another thread also mentioned that the NNS race was rained out and cancelled so no competition from Nascar for the Sat night Indycar race either as I said NO excuses.

Fox with Nascar as mentioned is the only sport having ratings that havent declined this yr as mentioned, as all other sports have ratings drops this yr so far. However now TNT is broadcasting Nascar Cup races and killing the series with the worst broadcast Ive seen maybe ever, and it got a lousy and therefore deserving 2.8 ratings for Pocono, the lowest since 2000, and you can bet Nascar is fuming over this.

So-- we can agree that a network can directly affect viewership and ratings and hurt a sport as I said before like NBCSN is hurting Indycar. However when indycar is ON a major network like ABC, then the ratings clearly show the lack of interest in Indycar--end of story. Oh well--it is what it is, until it isn't anymore.


As I've said, Vern, some comments are getting caught in my spam filter where they stick until I can manually restore them. The Rain out comment you claim was deleted is actually here:

So simmer down with the untrue deleting accusations.


The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins 4-3 last night in triple overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, but it was NBC who really scored. Going from 8 PM-1:06 AM ET, the game drew a 4.8 overnight rating, which is up 100% from the 2.4 overnight rating of last year’s Game 1


An F1 race on NBC recently got a 1.4 rating also which isn't good, but better then the indycar races on ABC of .07 or even 1.0. Just saying for comparison sake and those suggesting Indycar is more popular then F1. Course most F1 fans are overseas as they have mostly foreign born drivers--but wait--so does Indycar with few exceptions--as been discussed and maybe part of the problem of lack of mainstream America GP interest in the series? Oh well-we can make all the excuses we want and it doesn't change anything and maybe never will??

BTW--Nascar even in its lessor series has very few foreign born drivers and look at its popularity in comparison--maybe something, maybe nothing?


Yeah Vern, keep on ripping, it's what you seem to like to do.

Did I miss your apology to Bill regarding the alleged deletions of your pearls of wisdom comments?

Several of my comments were eaten by the spam filter as well, but I didn't sweat it; after all none of our comments matter, only to ourselves and the open minded fellow fans we hope to engage in intelligent discourse.


Here's irony: all of my own comments on my own blog (including this one) are immediately sucked into the spam filter. So I feel the spam comment pain. Allegedly we're working on it.


You can't make people watch something that goes against their nature. Regardless, It is now 16 years of the same old same old. Don't you think maybe it is time to turn it back to the way it was? Your not getting the new "youth" audience you hoped for so why not just go back to the audience you had? You can't please everybody but you can please those who grew up with Indy Car. Turn it back the way it was and let those who really do care return to their seats. We have had enough of "spec" racing.


They need to convert it to an all wimmins league. Sara was the most poplar IRL driber even when she was dribing NASCAR West. Danicles was the most poplar driber even after she lefted. Pressdog has an entire field of wimmin lined up. Gitter done.

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