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June 17, 2013


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I'll get this thread going.

Good comments about the Mich race. Tough luck for many with tires issues and engines etc but as they say--that's Nascar--love it or hate it. A driver or team in Nascar as you stated having so many builds etc can blow tires by a bad setup or by the driver overdriving it too hard as JJ said he did. The engines can blow by missing a shift or just a blown part or the engine lets go--all part of Nascar where numerous parts and setups all have their pros or cons with results.

Danica did a good job as she had some good luck on her side, cautions at the right time etc and bad luck from others to gain positions. She had a decent finish and showed she can drive a car with a decent setup for a change as she said the car was great in the last stint with only R-side tires the last couple pit stops as well. I hope this is a sign that her team is figuring out these new cars but as her boss Tony S said as he is doing well now, its way to early to say we've fixed the problems, were just making small gains.

BTW I hate the TNT telecasts, lousy coverage all around as they apparently don't know there are 43 drivers in the field and yes, they aren't giving Danica any interviews either who could help their ratings as she has proved, so ignorance is bliss for TNT. Course a reporter friend who follows the races closer said she is often rushed off to do other press etc so maybe why no TNT interviews? TNT ratings show they are missing around 1 1/2 million viewers from when it was on Fox averaging between 5&6 million, now down to maybe 4+ million viewers course that's cable vs network TV as we've discussed.

Regarding indycar yes it sucks for me when AA wins as they treated Danica so disrespectfull after she left and still do and I wish for only bad things for them--sorry Marco. Its clear for now Penske nor Ganassi is dominant anymore and all the mech issues with these newer cars, its almost like a crap shoot which car wont fall apart or who will win and while it seems AA is dominant right now, hopefully it wont last?

BTW a fun fact--did you do know that the Indycar team that has quit for lack of sponsors Dryer Reinbolt/Panther with driver Oriol Servia is where Danica's now brother-in-law, (married her sister) was an executive for many yrs or still is? I always thought it would be cool for Danica to go to that team and help them find sponsors which wouldn't be an issue helping them and maybe drive for them in the 500--but not to be probably? Danica has stated she never wants to be a team owner as its too much work but many of her fans would love that--just saying in the yrs to come--after Nascar---who knows?

Good work Pressdog and wasn't sure about my deleted posts but thanks for clearing it up.

Jack The Root

"They aren't giving Danica any interviews either who could help their ratings as she has proved."

Backmarkers, who run 30th every week, don't usually deserve much media attention or TV coverage.

The Danica story isn't even a story anymore in Cup. And judging by the ratings and race attendance, she has given them no bump there either. Again all of her so-called "fans" don't seem to add anything at the box office or on TV.

The whole female driver thing in both Cup and Indy Car has jumped the shark. Simona and Ana and Pippa are no factors and simply not talented enough. And much like their male counterparts, being foreign-born doesn't help their cause either. One of Danica's big positives was her being an American.

And Danica is just taking up space in Cup. She is nowhere most weeks and seems content to just turn laps and cash a paycheck. At some point though, Go-Daddy is probably not going to be as keen to ante up 25 million dollars a year to Stewart's team, for her lack of performance and lack of TV coverage during races. Once the sponsorship money is reduced, she probably either has to go to a lesser team (which will only keep her at the back with much worse equipment) or her career will be over. Because she'll never go back to Nationwide...which is where she belongs right now anyway.


"Go-Daddy is probably not going to be as keen to ante up 25 million dollars a year to Stewart's team, for her lack of performance and lack of TV coverage during races. "

So Pressdog now you have an apparently clueless poster here whining about Danica when he obviously hasn't got a clue what she brings to Nascar or Godaddy. Facts are & the record books show She is the most successful female driver in open wheel history and now Nascar given what she has achieved--so far. She is a Rookie in Cup also in only her 2nd FT yr overall in Nascar. She is also the #1 Celeb in the world for marketing power for her sponsors which says it all, so yeh--Godaddy will drop her for that--LMAO at some posters who don't know the facts and cant keep up apparently. Danica is also a real threat to win MPD from Earnhart Jr so wouldn't that tick off a lot of redneck sexist nascar fans--yes--we know they're out there?

BTW--to the poster who made the anti Danica comment above--are you one of those sexists, as seems so with your comments about the other females as well. Pay attention--its the modern world and more females will show thanks to what Danica has & is bringing to auto racing as lots of young females watching & waiting in the wings for their chance to shine?

I only made the comment about no interview with TNT to point it out. Danica has proven when she qualifies well & runs well Nascar and its networks gain from it like no other driver can bring. The other factor is she did lots of other interviews like always after a race. Add to the fact that the biggest names in Nascar--the Hendricks drivers--all had bad luck and failed to finish the race making them the lead storylines for this race which is to be expected. That apparently took the attention away from Danica for this race even with her decent finish, as other media reported. Also Danica's PR people choose who she talks to and who doesn't matter and that's this lousy TNT coverage in my opinion--however this is the last yr for TNT & Nascar--and probably why?


@ vern: Do you think you can find a way of disagreeing with someone WITHOUT making it personal as well as insulting?

I agree with Jack The Root, on every point sexist as well??

Asx a comparison check on the carer of Sam Hornish when he made the jump to NASCAR. He was an IndyCar past champ, and as far as i'm concerned hasn't done much. He was widely ballyhooed upon his entry to the series and now, not so much. Making the transition to a TV commentator as far as I can tell.

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