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June 25, 2013


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Indycar needs Iowa. And a few more tracks like it.

As for ratings, they're holding pretty steady at less than zero. Not good for sponsors or growth. I realize some scheduling conflicts are unavoidable, but going head-to-head against Nascar is not wise.

Ted Wolfram

It seems like everyone has fallen into the trap 0.7 is pretty good!!.....Really an 0.7 TV rating is NOT OK....IT SUCKS, and unless, and very soon we'll not have live broadcasts of any race but Indy...TV people need to sell time to advertisers...and who in their right mind would buy time for 0.7? Would you? 0.7 you can get that for a program recorded 40 years ago!!


One last point to make regarding the .07 ratings and all those calling this a great race. first off--apparently those calling this a great race where one driver laps the field heres a clue--that is NOT great racing. Second about the ratings, facts are the real fans or viewers who want to watch the Indycar races--WILL watch regardless of what else is on TV at the same time like the Sonoma race was--excuses excuses. The facts are you CANT make people watch something they don't care about or have lost interest in--that's all.

To be fair, Nascar also battles some big name sports like NFL. some PGA or NBA for ratings snd they do lose some viewers but their ratings are high enough it doesn't hurt them like Indycar. Nascar loyal fans will watch regardless of whats on the other channel, although many of their races are boring these days as well. Its often the random viewers that aren't sure what they like who flip through channels tuning in, then they tune out that changes the tv ratings at times to look better or worse but the average overall yr end ratings show the real fans of any series or sport.

I suggest for some here who don't have a clue what a great race is comprised of then check out some other races in different series and you'll see the difference. Some of the greatest racing isn't on TV much as they are small venues for the lessor series etc so that's the problem. However if you get a chance to check out the dirt track, short track racing, in Sprint, and Outlaws etc there isn't much better and you'll see the difference in great racing with lots of action and lead changes and boring racing with little action and no lead changes. BTW--Don't miss the Truck series race at Eldora coming soon as that should be a great race like dirt track racing usually is--cant wait.

The Speedgeek


Seriously, vern, it's time to start thinking about other hobbies. IndyCar isn't doing it for you.


Good old Vern is just pointing out (again) the painful truth about present-day IndyCar, but also noting that other forms of motorsports continue to offer great racing. For example, AMA Flattrack motorcycle racing. This Saturday the great 1/2 mile on the pea gravel track at Lima, OH and next Saturday the great 1/2 mile on the Hagerstown, MD paperclip red clay track. Week-long motorcycle road trip, baby!

Tropical Slim

Having watched some of the 24 Hours of LeMans last weekend I think the Indy 500 should be open to cars with gasoline, diesel-electric, gasoline-electric and all electric engines/motors as well as other forms of energy storage. Audi has won LeMans many times in the past 15 years but their cars have greatly evolved over that time. Indy CAR was stuck with the same Dallara's for years and now they are stuck with the new one for some time. Maybe aero kits will be introduced for a few races next year which will be a little change.

Porsche is heading back to LeMans next year and Nissan is entering an all electric car. We get mostly spec cars in IndyCar, NASCAR and Daytona Prototypes. No wonder racing is losing fans.


TV ratings down 45% from 2011

TV ratings have been trending down in recent years. DOWN 27% from 2011 to 2012, DOWN 24% 2012 to 2013

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