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July 08, 2013


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Savage Henry

I'm kind of surprised, but the event has gotten favorable coverage in the Philly newspapers. I'm happy to see it wasn't ignored (the local news doesn't usually cover auto racing). I don't know if it got any coverage on local TV, but hopefully it did. Hopefully the crowd will be as good and it will get more local viewers on TV due to the exposure.

The main message seems to be "these cars are much faster than NASCAR". I think that's a good thing.

Tony Dinelli

Like to give a shout out to my fellow Tulsa peeps for getting us to fifth on the speed chart!!


Word to Tulsa!


The NASCAR Sprint Cup Coke Zero 400 from Daytona International Speedway earned an overnight 3.5 U.S. rating and nearly 5.7 million viewers on TNT Saturday night, up 5% in the ratings and 4% in viewership from last year.
Unlike Indycar ratings, the finals always go up and expected to be around a 4.0...


Thanks, Bill. There's your answer on the commercial barrage ... it ain't going anywhere. PLUS I am once again in the minority of non-fans of plate racing, based on the big numbers who tune in.


Yes those are some good ratings for a Saturday night on cable. Plate racing is exciting!!!

The Pocono crowd looked small to me. But as someone that has attended many NASCAR races at that track, I am used to seeing that grandstand at or nearly full every race.
The parking lot also.
Time will tell as to weather IndyCar makes a return to Pocono or not.


Wouldn't you want to race in cities where you have most of your fans? Nashville has a track, Richmond has a track, ATL has a track (although IndyCar will never go back). Do you know if the top markets from IndyCar races are usually the same as listed above?

Tom G.

To be honest, I was surprised to see Richmond, Atlanta, and Nashville in the top 10. I always think of them as NASCAR country. Guess I haven't been giving them enough credit for being "race" fans.

Not sure they'll be returning to those 3 markets anytime soon though. As P-dog has explained, they have to be "wanted" by promoters, which means the promoters need to feel that they can make $$$. Seeing good ratings in these markets is the first step to that happening.

Racing can be entertainment, sport & spectacle, but for the tracks, teams, and series it's ultimately a business. As they said in field of dreams "If you spend $$$ they will come."


well well--what do you know my comments were removed again.

Faster isn't better racing as its the racing if there is any that matters first and foremost --period.

The good is with network ABC ratings from .07 to 1.0 Indycar apparently has a million viewers on average watching as its core audience on network tv anyway. The problem is with no higher spikes in ratings even when as mentioned nothing else was on tv Sunday morning. The issue of no new viewers apparently to grow ratings may be the the most significant sign of lack of interest but it is an old old series that many have quit watching long ago anyway and the new fans apparently are watching something else?

Nascar of course being far more popular actually has the ability to grow ratings with its popular mainstream name drivers whereby Indycar has none--hence maybe the biggest problem. Mainstream fans and viewers need someone to cheer for etc and while Indycar has it own smaller fan base the key word here is smaller. Oh well it is what it is so enjoy.


you're comments weren't removed Vern, I think you forgot which post you made them under. I believe these are the allegedly removed comments to which you refer:

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