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July 21, 2013


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A Facebook friend living in Connecticut, has zero point no interest in racing, but she does have a four year old son. They loved the movie.

There's your audience.


glad to see you couldn't stay away from writing P-Dog!

going to see it w/ my 8 year old daughter today

Ron Ford

Bill, Twitter is for twits. Why not replace the time spent doing that with something more positive like say...........home brewing beer. Just a thought.


Dang it! And I had this great complaint about the Indycars in the film having on-board starters and everything...

John S

Great to see a posting from the Dog. You are exactly correct (and funny) on this post. I recently heard a review of the movie by a proffesional movie critic. He said the movie was about a snail and he desire to win a Nascar race. The review inclued the Nascar about three times and zero mentions of Indy Car. I will just "forgettt 'bout it", its not worth the correction.


This movie could not possibly be worst then the ill-fated "Driven".

Nitrous snorting mollusk becomes a super hero?
Good example for kids??


"...perhaps because of its absurd premise of a snail in the Indy 500..."

Hmmm, not so absurd, really. After all, there were 33 snails in each of the last two Indy 500 races. (Sorry, I couldn't resist...)

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