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July 01, 2013


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Ron Ford

This is all well and good, but I hope that racing in general continues to feature cars with big, bad, loud engines. If they gulp fuel,so be it. Can you imagine a race with electric cars. Can you imagine a race with electric cars on ABC?!


I don't think you have to worry about NASCAR abandoning the internal combustion engine. Although, given a choice between the current engine and a 1000hp electric engine. I'd be willing to bet IndyCar driver would at least want to test out the electric vehicle.

Chris Lukens

Off topic to the original post but germane to the comments so far, at last weekends Pikes Peak Hill Climb “Monster” Tajima placed 5th overall with a time of 9:46 in an electric race car.


All the electric cars really need is a SoundRacer with huge speakers attached..

Problem solved.

Ron Ford

Thank you SOCSeven! I just watched (and listened) to the video you posted. The SoundRacer is way cool. I am reaching for my checkbook.


Hey 'Ron Ford' I asked the kids for a V10 for Fathers Day last year & they gave me a V8 instead. It sounds weird in an MX-5 with the top down but it's a ton of fun & of course the neighbours think less of me than they did before..... which is a good thing...if you have a sense of humour.


Corn based ethanol fuel is not green other than the money it puts in farmers' pockets. That canard has been debunked everywhere outside of Iowa.

Ethanol based fuel makes engines less efficient and creates more wear and tear. Don't believe me? Try running E85 in your lawn mower and let me know how that works out for you.

Corn is an energy consuming crop and not nearly as sustainable as switchgrass or sugar cane.

But the Iowa and Minnesota farmers have a few Congress people shaking in their boots afraid to yank their subsidies and let the fuel trade on the open market. So, props to them for playing the game.

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